Mary-Jo O'Rourke

35 Cook St
Brunswick West
Phone: 03 9387 0063
Mobile: 0438 014 661
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ABN: 20 906 032 025
  • Accredited Editor (IPEd)

Qualifications  BA (Hons) (Linguistics), MA (Linguistics), La Trobe University. Editors Victoria training courses.

Services  Copyediting, proofreading, styling, formatting, structural editing of fiction/non-fiction manuscripts, reports, websites, publicity materials, academic papers, postgraduate theses, student work; multimedia and online learning resources; also manuscript assessment, writing, research. Wordsmithing and text wrangling.


Freelance  Since 2001. Clients include CUP, OUP, McGraw-Hill, Ormond College, Aspire Learning Resources, ACER, Education Services Australia, Papers Edited, Proper English AB and academics, postgraduate students and other private clients.

Examples of Work:

Editing  Primary/secondary education: multimedia (ACER, ESA); school magazine (Genazzano). Tertiary education: New Zealand Government and Politics, 6th edn (OUP); Electrical principles, 6th edn (MGH); diploma units (Aspire). Theses. Websites: OtiSA; McMasters; Genazzano; Enteract. Style guides: Ormond; McMasters. Reports: ICT in everyday learning, Ultranet (ESA); risk audit reports (GC Risk Support Services); annual reports (QVWC). Non-fiction: Single but not alone (CSMC); Cook, eat, share (Genazzano); Two lives (private). Fiction: Hudson Badger Chronicles; Music; Exploration of Ignatius Sterling (private).

Proofreading  Primary/secondary education: Checkpoints study guides (CUP); Oxford big ideas English (OUP). Tertiary education: Project management, 6th edn (MGH).

Writing  Non-fiction: Nepali Phrasebook, 2nd, 3rd, 4th edns (Lonely Planet).

Areas of Expertise:

Languages, linguistics, grammar, academic/scientific terminology, plain English, thesis editing, last-minute proofreading.

Areas of Interest:

Travel, Asian culture, politics, social issues, feminism, socialism and social justice, Indigenous issues, science fiction/fantasy, crime, emerging writers, small business, blogging, food, wine and coffee, recipe writing.


BA (Hons) (Linguistics), MA (Linguistics), La Trobe University. Editors Victoria training courses.

Memberships: Australian Skeptics (Victorian branch), Writers Victoria.
Software Used: Windows 10, MS Office 365.
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