IPEd Membership

IPEd Transition  

On 12 November 2015, EdVic members voted 80% in favour of approving the IPEd Transition plan, under which, on 1 July 2016, IPEd became a national, direct membership association of editors, with the participating societies becoming branches of IPEd.

Your IPEd membership

On 1 July 2016, existing members of Editors Victoria (EdVic) automatically became members of IPEd, in the Editors Victoria branch, with membership categories equivalent to their EdVic membership.

The table below shows the equivalent EdVic and IPEd membership categories and the IPEd fees for 2017. 

 EdVic membership  IPEd membership IPEd fee  Note 
 Associate  Associate $135   
 Associate (Distant)  Associate $135   1
 Member  Professional $180   
 Member (Distant)  Professional $180   1
 Honorary Life  Honorary Life $0   
 Student  Student $65   
 N/A  Corporate, 2–3 editorial staff subscription $360   
   Corporate, 4–6 editorial staff subscription $720   
   Corporate, 7–10 editorial staff subscription $1260   

  1. There will not be Distant membership categories. However, a concessional subscription fee may apply, or alternatively remote members would be eligible for a discounted fee for meetings, training courses etc. Also, IPEd intends to work with branches to provide courses as webinars.
  2. Concessional subscriptions will be available, on application, after the transition.
    • Retired (65+) or temporary leave (> 6 months) $85
    • Concession card holder                                     $65
    • Hardship (personal, financial)                            $65


IPEd has published Your Transition questions answered on its website.