Membership Benefits


If you were an Editors Victoria member at 30 June 2016, your membership record has been transferred to IPEd. If you had an entry in the Freelance Register your entry will eventually be transferred to an IPEd Editors Directory but will also be maintained on the Editors Victoria website for an interim period. The new IPEd membership system gives you access to the online member portal. As a member you can visit the IPEd member portal, which is linked to the IPEd website, to:

  • review and update your details
  • renew subscription
  • book and pay for events
  • subscribe to the Editors Directory (ED), if eligible
  • pay outstanding subscriptions and invoices
  • access members-only information.

Applications for membership

Members of IPEd have access to variety of events, professional development opportunities and editing resources. For details of eligibility criteria, member benefits and how to apply for membership, please visit the IPEd website membership page