accreditations-iconA professional accreditation scheme for editors is administered by the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd).

IPEd consists of representatives of the societies of editors in seven states and territories. Each society publishes a register of editors available for freelance work, including accredited editors. More information about the accreditation scheme, along with a national list of accredited editors, is available on the IPEd website.

The exam is administered by IPEd's Accreditation Board (AB) and is designed to measure an editor's competence against the Australian Standards for Editing Practice. The next accreditation exam is expected to be offered in 2016.

Accredited editors may use the postnominal 'AE'.

Accreditation is valid for five years. Renewal of accreditation requires AEs to provide evidence of their continuing involvement in the profession and their participation in professional development.

Editing is no longer the invisible profession.

Editors work in many settings - in government and corporate sectors, with book publishers, for universities and community organisations - on all types of published material, both hard copy and electronic. An editor's deft touch to books and newsletters, brochures and educational materials, advertisements and scholarly articles, government and annual reports, websites and poetry can improve each publication's effectiveness in reaching the target audience.

Those who employ an accredited editor can be confident that a professional is helping them get their message across with greater clarity, elegance, forcefulness and insight. And no errors!