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Introduction to PerfectIt webinar


Dance steps for the self-employed editor


Ebooks for Beginners


From Word to InDesign

with Lan Wang

Date: 26 November 2016
Time: 10am - 1:30pm
Venue: CAE, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Cost for members: $110 (Editors Victoria, societies of editors, Writers Victoria, ASTC, ANZSI)
Cost for non-members$165
RefreshmentsTea, coffee and biscuits
Bookings close:  12 noon sharp, Monday 21 November

Do you ever wonder what happens to your Word document after it leaves your editorial hands and goes on to be typeset? Do you tear your hair out when the typesetter sends back a proof that has lost all your italic characters? Do you find that the data in your carefully prepared tables have all been set incorrectly? Do you wonder if it’s necessary to create a table of contents in the edited Word document?

This workshop provides an overview of the publication workflow from Microsoft Word to the industry-standard typesetting program Adobe InDesign. It will look at how you can efficiently set up your Word document so that you get back what you expect from the typesetters, and avoid common problems.

Topics covered

In this workshop, you will learn:

  • what questions to ask before you start working on a manuscript
  • how electronic styles in Word translate to InDesign
  • how to prepare figures, tables and other special material for typesetting
  • what does and doesn’t translate across to InDesign
  • what the common problems are and how to avoid them in the first place
  • where to go to learn more.

The session is suitable for editors who are just starting out in publishing or who simply wish to learn more about how Word documents are typeset in InDesign.

Note: This session focuses on the Mac versions of Microsoft Word and Adobe InDesign. InDesign is effectively identical in Mac and Windows, but Word is less so. While Windows users will therefore find most of the workshop content useful, the presenter may not always be able to provide participants with specific Windows advice.

Delivery method

The workshop will use a mixture of presentation, question and answer, and discussion of issues. Participants are encouraged to take an active part in the session.

Required prior learning

Participants should be familiar with using Mac computers and basic Word functions, preferably using Word 2011. It is not necessary, but would be advantageous, to be familiar with basic InDesign functions.

About the trainer

Lan Wang is an editor and typesetter who recently updated the 3rd edition of The Australian Editing Handbook. She has worked both inhouse and as a freelancer and has had extensive hands-on experience in using Word and InDesign to edit, typeset and publish to print, HTML, PDF and EPUB formats. She has guest lectured on editorial and production matters at the University of Melbourne, RMIT University and RMIT TAFE, as well as presented workshops and talks for Editors Victoria, IPEd and other organisations. She is an Accredited Editor and Honorary Life Member of Editors Victoria/IPEd.

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Writing Effective Blurbs and Publicity Material

with Susan Keogh

Date:  Saturday 16 July 2016
Time: 1.00 to 4.30 pm
Venue: Centre for Adult Education (CAE), 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD
Cost: $120.00 (members of Editors Victoria, Societies of Editors, Writers Victoria, ASTC, ANZSI), $180.00 (non-members).

Bookings close:  12 pm (noon) sharp, Monday 11 July 2016

Editors often struggle when they are asked to write. For people used to working on pre-existing text, it can be confronting to produce the raw material from scratch. Part of the problem is that editors are rarely taught any techniques to help make the process of creating content easier. In this half-day course, Susan Keogh will share some simple techniques that you can use to help you produce more effective marketing and publicity materials, including book blurbs.

Topics covered

  • Recognising effective writing 
  • Reinforcing the product 
  • Finding the right words 
  • Using literary and grammatical effects 
  • Knowing what to avoid 
  • Analysing Obama: not empty rhetoric 
  • Using the author's own words 
  • Writing the blurb before the book 
  • Playing with person 
  • Suiting the content to the product and audience 
  • Putting it all together 

Delivery method

The workshop will contain a mix of direct instruction and hands-on exercises.

Who should attend?

If you are required to write short advertising materials as part of your work but you lack confidence when you have to do so, 'Writing Effective Blurbs and Publicity Material' is for you. The course will not cover marketing or publicity techniques; the focus is on writing techniques. You will be expected to have had some experience in writing book blurbs or similar material.

About the trainer

Susan Keogh, mba, de, is a Melbourne freelance editor. She is an honorary life member and former president of Editors Victoria.

Susan began her editing life in the last millennium, working in-house for Melbourne University Press, Lonely Planet and Cambridge University Press. She has been a member of the Australian Publishers Association copyright and training committees and has taught the postgraduate diploma in editing and publishing (now the master’s degree of writing and publishing) at RMIT for more than 15 years. She was the recipient of the 2014 FAW Barbara Ramsden Award, recognising the role of editors in producing quality literary works. She has taught editing skills in most Australian states and in Singapore.

Feedback from participants in the 2014 Writing effective blurbs and publicity material course was:

'Possibly the best EdVic course I’ve attended. The quality of written materials was excellent, imaginative and engaging.'

'Loved it! Lots of fun and I learnt little techniques I can take into writing projects.’


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Introduction to Structural Editing


PerfectIt for advanced users webinar


Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor


Punctuation for editors

with Glenys Osborne

Date: Saturday 17 September 2016
Time: 10 am – 4 pm
Venue: Centre for Adult Education (CAE), 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD
Cost: $220.00 (members of Editors Victoria, Societies of Editors, Writers Victoria, ASTC, ANZSI), $330.00 (non-members). 
Refreshments: Continuous tea and coffee, and gourmet biscuits.

Bookings close: 12 noon Monday 12 September 2016

‘I love eating my friends and family.’

Often misused and misunderstood, punctuation marks are the quiet achievers of our written language. Omitting even a single comma can have profound and unintended effects on meaning.

The ability to sensitively assess and (perhaps) correct punctuation usage lies at the heart of copyediting. The more you know about internal and end punctuation, and the various approaches to its use, the less time you will waste when writing or editing.

Topics covered

    This full-day course is suitable for editors and others who work with words. Session content includes:

  • approaches to punctuation
  • editorial and authorial style considerations in punctuation
  • internal punctuation marks—functions and usage
  • end punctuation marks—functions and usage
  • punctuating phrases, clauses, quotations, lists, etc.
  • market/audience factors and punctuation.

Course format

The course comprises pre-course reading, class instruction, individual and group exercises, class discussion, and take-home exercises. Some pre-course reading will be sent out prior to the course. Participants are encouraged to bring examples of problematic punctuation that they have encountered in their work, for possible inclusion in class discussion. 

About the trainer

Glenys Osborne writes, edits and teaches. She was formerly managing editor at Macmillan Education Australia and at Thomson Learning (now Cengage), and fiction editor for the creative journal Etchings. She taught editing in the RMIT Master of Communication course for more than a decade, and has taught a wide range of editing- and writing-related courses in university, corporate and professional environments. 

Glenys has won numerous local and international prizes for her short fiction. Her first novel, Come Inside (2009), won the Barbara Jefferis Award and was shortlisted for the Age Book of the Year, among other awards. She is working on her second and third novels.

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