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News - Know Your Sentence

Know Your Sentence

Saturday 23 Feb

10:00am – 4:00pm

Early bird registrations (must book by Wednesday 23 January 2019): Members & affiliate organisations  (IPEd, Writers Vic., ANSZI, ATSC & TWIA) $180, non-members $270
Regular fee: Members & affiliate organisations  (IPEd, Writers Vic., ASTC, TWIA, ANZSI members) $225, non-members $337.50
Venue: Centre for Adult Education, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne CBD (check the screens above lifts for room number on the day)
Refreshments: Muffins, gourmet biscuits, tea and coffee. Lunch is not provided.

Bookings Close: Monday 18 February 2019


About the course

What is a sentence? Why does it matter? 

Too often, writers and editors are so concerned with meaning that they don’t take time to explore the many forms of the sentence. Yet being able to recognise different sentence types and patterns—and their associated problems—can speed up the process of writing and editing enormously.

This full-day session focuses on the parts and classification of sentences, and looks at what sorts of issues writers and editors commonly encounter at the sentence level. Session content includes:

     sentence structure and parts of a sentence

     sentence types

     approaches to editing a sentence

     register and sentences

     solutions for common problems with sentences.

This course includes class instruction, practical exercises, short pieces for discussion and take-home exercises. A small amount of pre-course reading will be sent out prior to the course.