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From 1 July 2016, Editors Victoria became a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). Editors who were members of the Editors Victoria at 1 July 2016 have had their membership transferred to IPEd.

The Editors Victoria branch will support editors in Victoria and continue to run activities for members such as regular meetings, networking events and professional development programs. We will continue to host a branch website, produce a branch newsletter and maintain our social media accounts [links].

Editors Victoria is Australia's oldest and largest association for professional editors. It has more than 500 full and associate members, including in-house and freelance editors, editing program students, and other people generally interested in the editing and publishing industries.

Editors Victoria aims to:

  • help establish and maintain high standards of editing
  • promote the exchange of ideas and sharing of information about editing
  • encourage contact among members
  • liaise with other organisations in all matters affecting editors as a group.

The everyday running of Editors Victoria is managed by an executive committee elected by members each year at the annual general meeting. New committee members are always welcome, and you don't have to wait until the AGM to join - simply e-mail us and register your interest.

Editors Victoria is a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd), the national association for Australian editors. IPEd's role is to advance the profession of editing and to support and promote Australian editors.


With the transition to IPEd being the national organisation representing Editors in July 2016, the IPEd Constitution came into force. It can be viewed on the IPEd Constitution page.

Financial statements

Editors Victoria provides these reports at the end of each financial year.

Summary financial reports

2013 Summary financial report

2012 Summary financial report

Audited financial statements

2016 Audited financial statements

2015 Audited financial statements

2014 Audited financial statements

2013 Audited financial statements

2012 Audited financial statements


Editors Victoria, a branch of IPEd, is run by a dedicated team of volunteers. We are always looking for new committee members to bring fresh ideas and energy to the mix.



Editors Victoria is a branch of the Institute of Professional Editors (IPEd). Formerly the Council of Australian Societies of Editors or CASE, IPEd is the national association for Australian editors.



Editors Victoria was founded in October 1970, as Society of Editors. The inaugural members included Ruth Dixon, Hedley Finger, Di Goodall, Jan Llewellyn, Janet Mackenzie, Bob Sessions and Wendy Sutherland. The first annual general meeting was held in June 1971, and Editors Victoria was incorporated in 1991 under the name Society of Editors (Victoria).


Life Members

Editors Victoria's honorary life memberships recognise individuals who have provided outstanding service to the association and to the editing profession in Australia over an extended period.

Since 1987, Editors Victoria has awarded 25 honorary life memberships.