Past Events

Wondering what our dinner meetings are like? Here are some we've put on in the past.

December 2018 event: a Beatle’s friend and games at our 2018 Christmas event

by Marie Pietersz


Michael A Hill signing books after his talk. Photo: Marie Pietersz

Our Christmas event was held on 6 December 2018 at the CQ Function Centre in Queen Street, Melbourne. It was well patronised, with around 40 editors in festive attire attending to celebrate, look back on the year that was, relax and listen to our guest speaker. Michael A Hill, childhood and teenage friend of young Beatle John Lennon and author of John Lennon: the boy who became a legend, shared his memories of one of the great creative talents of the twentieth century. Q&A time saw Michael responding to some perhaps long-unanswered personal questions about the legend. We also had the opportunity to pick up a signed copy of his book on the night, and a number of copies were bought.


October 2018 meeting: a big audience discovers what publishers want

by Marie Pietersz

October panellists2

The panellists (L-R): Imogen Bannister, Lonely Planet; Nadine Anderson-Conklin, Macmillan Education Australia; ; Geraldine Corridon, Oxford University Press; Mitzi Zagon, Pearson Australia; Mandy Brett, Text Publishing. Photo: Marie Pietersz 

The October Editors Victoria meeting themed ‘What publishers want’ was a huge success with a full house of 59 members attending the event held at CQ Functions in Queen Street, Melbourne.


Victorian branch AGM August 2018

by Sally McInnes AE

Karen Lee AGM

 IPEd CEO Karen Lee at the AGM. Photo: Kate Cuthbert

This year, Brisbane-based IPEd CEO Karen Lee attended our Editors Victoria branch AGM. The evening was an ideal opportunity for members and the executive committee to meet with Karen and to hear how IPEd is working to further the interests of its members. Among other activities, Karen’s work involves relationship-building with peak bodies and politicians to enhance the profile of IPEd and promote the work of editors. Karen addressed how IPEd is meeting each of the objectives of the Strategic Plan July 2017 to June 2020.


Report on June 2018 event: Sean McCarthy on contracts for editors

by AJ Collins AE 


Sean McCarthy, Principal Solicitor and Director at McCarthy Commercial and Construction Lawyers, speaking on contracts for editors at our June meeting. Photo: Nicole Mathers

On 14 June I sat at home on a typical Melbourne wintry evening, dark and bereft of warmth, wondering if I really had to travel into the city for a dry, boring talk on contracts for editors. Sigh. I thought about CQ's tasty finger food, the glass of red that awaited me, chatting with my edibuddies, and did I get my butt into gear? Yes, I did. And I was pleasantly surprised to be addressed by Sean McCarthy, a lawyer with a sense of humour. Who knew?


April 2018 meeting report: Michael and Katie Lawry on managing your business finances

By Sally McInnes AE


Michael Lawry CPA and Katie Lawry AE speaking on finance and tax for editors. Photo: Nicole Mathers

At our April event, Michael Lawry CPA of Red Spark Consulting and Katie Lawry AE teamed up to deliver an informative presentation on managing your business finances. 

The talk covered general information on business structures, good and services tax (GST), bookkeeping software, tax deductions, dealing with overseas clients, superannuation and retirement. Some of the main points are outlined below.

Michael began with the importance of understanding business structure. Options are to operate as a sole trader, company or trust. While many people begin as a sole trader, transitioning to a company or trust carries considerable benefits: separation of personal and company assets; ability to employ yourself and others; and a large range of tax-planning advantages. Companies and trusts also have the downsides that they cost more to set up and run; therefore, they are more likely to be a viable proposition once your business has reached a certain size. 


February 2018 Panel discussion: Finding Work

Panel discussion, Thursday, 22 Feb 2018

by Danielle Vecchio

Panel FindingWork

(L-R) Moderator Margie Beilharz with panellists Lorna Hendry, Lu Sexton and Sandra Duncanson. Photo credit: Nicole Mathers

Whether they’re freelance or employed in-house, new to the industry or firmly established, it’s absolutely clear that editors are keen to find work. With more than fifty in attendance, this year’s first event was a smashing success.

The buzz in the room was infectious; guests gathered and mingled, eager to discover the secret to finding work. Rather than the usual sit-down dinner at CQ Functions, we were treated to finger food and drinks in a more casual format, followed by a panel discussion in a theatre-style setting. 

Moderated by our own Margie Beilharz, the panel consisted of three of our members: Lorna Hendry, Lu Sexton and Sandra Duncanson. All have extensive knowledge and experience in editing and publishing, having forged their way through the industry, and, with pens and laptops at the ready, guests were excited to learn what they had to say.


Ending 2017 with Celebration and Reflection

by Jessica Hoadley

The 2017 Editors Victoria Christmas party was held in the private dining room at CQ Functions on a sweltering Thursday evening, where 44 attendees gathered to celebrate another year of doing the good work.

Pre-dinner entertainment was provided by our own AJ Collins (vocals) and her husband, Chris, on guitar. Their smooth grooves and funky beats created the perfect relaxed vibe as editors new and old caught up over a drink and dips.

After dinner we were treated to special guest Fiona Scott-Norman (writer, performer, radio broadcaster and teacher) who delivered a humorous perspective on the importance, or otherwise, of punctuation. Hands were raised to admit to having dumped someone due to their grammar; misspelled tattoos were displayed on screen in their permanent glory (no regerts!); and errant apostrophes on grocery boards brought a round of groans.


August 2017: Inaugural AGM for Editors Victoria, a Branch of IPEd

by Jessica Hoadley

Thursday 17 August saw 40 Editors Victoria members congregate at CQ Centre on Queen Street for a night of business and a smattering of trivia.

Outgoing President Jackey Coyle gave a report outlining the position of Editors Victoria up to and including its shift to being a branch of IPEd, and thanked the members of the executive committee who have supported her presidency.

Committee members reported on their activities for the following subcommittees:

  • communication
  • freelance affairs
  • events
  • budget
  • professional development/mentoring.


July 2017 Freelance Get-Together

by Mary-Jo O’Rourke AE

Our event on Wednesday 26 July was the first of a new style of get-together for freelance editors; we’ll hold these at different venues and times of day, alternating with the regular lunches. Earlier this year I sought feedback from a number of freelancers, including a short survey, and also from the Editors Victoria committee – some great ideas have been put forward and I give heartfelt thanks to all who responded. Further feedback is welcome any time.

A midday event can break up the working day too much, so I decided to hold an afternoon tea in the CBD at a day-into-evening café–bar called Sun Moth. Its ‘secret’ laneway location gave us a very Melbourne experience! Ten made it an intimate gathering, which included some known and new faces. We enjoyed an excellent round of coffee, tea and cakes, from a delightful blackboard menu that had been prepared just for us complete with (intentional) typos and inconsistencies! Topics of conversation included the busyness of work for several of us (a nice problem to have), new technologies that can assist with editing (such as PerfectIt), positive feedback about the new Editors Directory and general developments with IPEd.


The Business of Editing Q&A: June 2017 Dinner Report

Our June dinner meeting was a Q&A on the business of editing with two experienced editors. Peter Riches (Red Pony Communications) and Jackey Coyle (Wordy-Gurdy Publishing; President, Editors Victoria) gave us unfettered access to their knowledge and experience by answering a range of questions.

Jackey and Peter

Jackey Coyle and Peter Riches. Photo: Sophie Dougall

The Q&A session allowed for the audience to ask questions of the panel. Peter and Jackey both acknowledged that they were experts speaking to a room of experts, and encouraged people to jump in with answers or suggestions of their own to any questions. It was a lively and educational evening.

Natasha Saltmarsh faithfully reproduces the questions and answers for those who weren’t able to make it, or as a reminder for those who were there. Answers have been edited for concision and clarity.