July 2017 Freelance Get-Together

by Mary-Jo O’Rourke AE

Our event on Wednesday 26 July was the first of a new style of get-together for freelance editors; we’ll hold these at different venues and times of day, alternating with the regular lunches. Earlier this year I sought feedback from a number of freelancers, including a short survey, and also from the Editors Victoria committee – some great ideas have been put forward and I give heartfelt thanks to all who responded. Further feedback is welcome any time.

A midday event can break up the working day too much, so I decided to hold an afternoon tea in the CBD at a day-into-evening café–bar called Sun Moth. Its ‘secret’ laneway location gave us a very Melbourne experience! Ten made it an intimate gathering, which included some known and new faces. We enjoyed an excellent round of coffee, tea and cakes, from a delightful blackboard menu that had been prepared just for us complete with (intentional) typos and inconsistencies! Topics of conversation included the busyness of work for several of us (a nice problem to have), new technologies that can assist with editing (such as PerfectIt), positive feedback about the new Editors Directory and general developments with IPEd.

The next get-together will be another round of lunch at The Fitz café on Tuesday 26 September, less than two weeks after the National Editors Conference in Brizzy. Conference attendees may be able to give a run-down to those who did not make it to the Sunshine State. Bookings will open closer to the time.

Mary-Jo O’Rourke AE
Vice-President and Freelance Affairs Officer