Tips and tricks: finding figures and tables (April 2019)

by Margie Beilharz

This tip is something I discovered just the other day, and it came in very handy in a big report I was editing that had inconsistently applied caption styles and both numbered and un-numbered images. When I idly clicked on the arrow next to the magnifying glass in the search field, I discovered that you can search specifically for graphics, tables and equations. (You can also search for footnotes, endnotes and comments, but I already knew how to do this through the References and Review tabs.)

Find list 1

If you choose Tables, you can then use the down (or up) arrows to move to the next (or previous) table in the document. It also tells you how many there are, but keep in mind that anything in a table format will be counted, not only formal tables.

 Find tables 1

Similarly with graphics – depending on how your document is put together, it may contain numerous graphic elements that aren’t formal figures. This may be an advantage in some cases. Being able to jump along from table to table or graphic to graphic in this way can be very useful if finding them by captions, for example, would not catch them all.

Those pics were from Word 2010 on PC. In my Office 365 Word for Mac, I could search for tables, graphics, fields, objects, headings, sections, lines, bookmarks and more in Advanced Find & Replace.

 AdvancedFR 1

In Find and Replace, choose the Go To tab and select from the dialog box.

 GoTo 1

And there you have it. But I’ll leave you with this particular Find that’s had me chuckling all week.  

Fire nomatches

Margie Beilharz is Editors Victoria's communication officer and soon-to-be-ex newsletter editor. She's a freelance editor, writer and science communicator at The Open Desk.