June 2016 Q&A: Jessica Hoadley

Jessica Hoadley is a junior editor/project manager at educational publisher Insight Publications, where she’s worked for two and a half years since graduating from RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing course.

How has your month been?

Busy but satisfying! I’m currently revising a series of Year 7 to 9 English skills workbooks. This involves working closely with national and state English curriculums, choosing and applying for permission to use fun text extracts (Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Roald Dahl) and reworking the content to be more engaging. I’m juggling this more ‘creative’ work with project managing a new textbook for the VCE subject English Language, which basically involves me liaising with multiple authors, the reviewer, freelance editor and designer, dealing with all the permissions and keeping everything on budget and to schedule.

What do you love most about your work?

Insight Publications is a small, independent educational publisher that specialises in English resources for high school students. This is awesome for an English nerd like me because no matter what project I’m working on – whether it’s a Year 7 grammar and punctuation book, a Section C (analysis of language) practice exam or a VCE English or Literature text guide – I really love the content!

How did you get here?

After an arts degree and a couple of years of retail/customer service and backpacking, I wanted to pursue a career that would pay me to read and write. I did an internship with Ilura Press (a boutique publishing house in Windsor) which opened my eyes to the industry and let me try my hand at interviewing, writing, editing, photography and event management – and which first taught me about en dashes and Track Changes. I got to play a big role in producing a coffee table/cookbook for the restaurant Lentil as Anything, and getting to hold the beautiful hard copy in my hands after a year of hard work really felt like the start of something.

I was accepted into the Professional Writing and Editing course, nerded out in the editing classes, became heavily involved with student publication Visible Ink, and did further editorial internships at Penguin Books Australia and Hardie Grant. In my second year, I started moonlighting as assistant editor for creative e-journal Tincture Journal.

I was pretty lucky to get a job in publishing straight after graduating from the course, because we all know how tight in-house positions in this industry are getting.

If you didn’t have the job you are in now, what would you like to be doing?

I’d like to work towards becoming a freelance editor for the reason that I could live near the beach and work around my own schedule. In the role of project manager, I’ve really enjoyed liaising with freelance editors and taken mental notes on how they conduct their businesses with publishing houses. I also have a passion for children’s and YA fiction and would love to work in a trade fiction house in this area (dream on) and then freelance with those specialties too.

Or, this job:

 Reading therapy dogs in training imgur

Reading therapy dogs in training. Photo: Imgur

Thanks so much for answering our questions, Jessica.

You can find Jessica on LinkedIn at https://au.linkedin.com/in/jessica-hoadley-46707269