October 2012

For Those About to Edit...

This coming Saturday, around 80 nervous editors will file into examination rooms around the country in a bid to join the ranks of IPEd Accredited Editors. It's been a little over a year since I did the same and despite the whirlpool of emotions (mostly fear and anxiety) that day produced in me, making it through and coming out the other end an AE was a rewarding and significant achievement - one I hope all who sit the 2012 exam can replicate themselves.


Dinner Meeting Report: IPEd Exam Prep Workshop

On 20 September, 32 members, including some helpful AEs, attended CQ to discuss and prepare for this year's IPEd exam.

Five tables of exam candidates grilled each of their AEs about their exam experience and a lot of useful information was gleaned, particularly about pre-exam nerves, what to bring to the exam and how to maximise the reading time. One outstanding tip was: treat the exam as just another editing job with a tight deadline, something we all have experience with.


APA Awards - Impressions

The Australian Educational Publishing Awards began in 1994. The awards have been held every year since then, under the supervision of chief judge Dr M Horsley, of Central Queensland University. Award categories have changed to reflect changes in publishing. This is a major task for the judges, who are involved for weeks before the awards are announced.


Ebooks and Editing

Ebooks, content management and editing processes

The only editors who haven't heard about the rise of the ebook must be those who live and work on tiny islands. Specifically, islands that have no access to the internet, libraries, media, telepathic individuals or messages in bottles. The rise of the ebook has been, after all, quite hard to miss, and big technology companies are paying attention to consumer demand. Microsoft predicts that it will take until 2017 to grab a 51 per cent market share in the US ebook market, and only then because of technological issues. In terms of digital devices, Apple's iPad has given a considerable boost to the consumers' familiarity with digitised reading, while Amazon claims to have 950,000 ebook titles in its catalogue.


Style Counsel

But, however

But is an adversative conjunction/preposition.

However is a connective adverb.

What does that mean? Who cares? But read on for usage differences.


Typos of the Month


The photo above is an oldie, but a goodie. It's a lovely example of how difficult-to-read typefaces can cause havoc, and an amusing reminder of the time my co-editor and I allowed a typo through on the front page of our magazine due to its being written in a stereotypically metal band typeface nobody could read.


Dear Ed …

dearedDear Ed

You've been working hard. Why don't you take the rest of the day off?

Loren Ipsum

Hi Loren

Thanks for that. I knew it was time for a break because my eyes just read the word numbering as Nuremberg. That's the kind of error beyond the ken of the average spellchecker and speaks of trials of its own. But, Loren, before I get started, do I know you from somewhere? There's something very familiar about your name. No? Oh, okay, best get on with it then.