Typos of the Month

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The photo above is an oldie, but a goodie. It's a lovely example of how difficult-to-read typefaces can cause havoc, and an amusing reminder of the time my co-editor and I allowed a typo through on the front page of our magazine due to its being written in a stereotypically metal band typeface nobody could read.

This particular tattoo can be found on the neck and chest of Chicago-based auto mechanic Michael Duplessis, who subsequently sued the tattoo artist for spelling 'town' wrong. His case garnered much media attention, and sparked off a wave of copycat misspelled 'chi-tonw' tattoos.



Above is a screen capture from last month's newsletter, and a mea culpa. The copy is a little supicious; or should we say suspicous! That will teach me to put it together at the last moment (she types, putting this month's newsletter together at the last moment). Email us your definition of supicious and you'll go in a draw to win a free dinner meeting admission (non-transferable and must be used within 12 months)!


Finally, from the Lost in Translation files, Typos is "the online newspaper of Cyprus". www.typos.com.