November 2012

Conferences, an Anxious Wait and Typo Demons

And they're off! No, not the horses in the Cup; that's well behind us as you read this (but congratulations if you won anything in your office sweeps - my horse came first, second and third. Granted, my office is my lounge room, and I drew every horse).

No, I mean the registrations for the 2013 National Editors Conference in Perth, which are now open. If you made it to the 2011 conference in Sydney, or any of the earlier conferences, you'll know that it's set to be a fantastic couple of days of discussion, education, networking and socialising with your fellow editors from around the country, and possibly the world! Editors Victoria encourages as many of you as possible to go west next year. Read more details here.


October Dinner Meeting Report: All About Children's Publishing

Three very different perspectives together gave an in-depth view on the state of Australian children's publishing at the October dinner meeting.

Andrew Kelly presented the strategic approach as independent publisher at Wild Dog Books, an imprint specialising in photographic non-fiction for children.

Karri Hedge, editor of children's and YA fiction at Hardie Grant Egmont, presented the perspective of an established publishing house.

Representing the author's opinion was children's author Sofie Laguna, whose works include Bird and Sugar Boy, My Yellow Blanky, Too Loud Lily and the highly successful series Our Australian Girl: Meet Grace.

Former Editors Victoria president and Honorary Life Member Liz Steele facilitated the discussion, which covered many topics affecting the industry.


National Editors Conference Registrations Open

Registrations for next year's National Editors Conference - to be held in Fremantle, WA, from 10-12 April - opened on 1 November. Earlybird discounts apply to registrations made before the end of January 2013, with the earlybird prices for Editors Victoria members set at $246 for one-day entry or $411 for two-day entry.


Unwin Trust UK-Australian Fellowship

Applications are now invited for the 2013 Unwin Trust Fellowship, which enables a member of the Australian book trade to visit the UK for up to three months. All working in Australian bookselling and publishing are eligible. Applicants are asked to put together a proposal to carry out a project which will both enhance their own understanding of the UK book trade and will provide a means to increase understanding of each market by the other.



deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.

Those unfamiliar with the word shrift will be excused for thinking they will find the definition in Urban Dictionary (and they will, but not by recommendation of Editors Victoria).


Style Counsel

To decimate has since the seventeenth century meant to punish a group of people by killing or otherwise punishing every tenth person. This word stems from the Latin decimare (originally used in reference to mutinous Roman legions).


Typo of the Month



Dear Ed ...

dearedDear Mr Ed

I really really REALLY wanted to sit the accreditation exam. But I reviewed a sample exam paper on the IPEd website and got completely disillusioned because it had an editing exercise about sailing ships. Also, I know that some years ago an exam had an editing exercise about racehorses. I don't know anything about sailing ships or racehorses, so how could I sit the exam? And when can I expect an exam tailored to my own areas of expertise?