President's Message

Happy New Year to all EV members! I hope 2014 will be a great year for you and yours.

Your Committee has been working hard on several fronts.

Our new electronic records management system will soon be up and running. We expect this to streamline operations across just about every committee portfolio, thus lightening what have become quite heavy workloads for volunteers. I hope it will also make interacting with EV easier for you, the members.

Our Administrative Officer, Sabita, has a great new job (fantastic for her, but sad for us, as she was so wonderfully efficient). Sabita is the only person I have EVER been prepared to use the word 'self-starter' about - corporatese aside, she really has been indispensable. So I'm very sorry to see her go, but hope her new job is not only enjoyable, but also the start of a great new career path for Sabita.

Two committee members have reluctantly stepped down. Cass Ball has filled a wide range of roles on the committee, helping the President's role in various ways, always willingly and with great ideas, as well as stepping into Kath Harper's shoes on accreditation. Kristy Burt is off overseas for several months, and has had to relinquish the membership portfolio on the committee. Under her stewardship the membership has increased to such an extent that it became a major administrative workload, which Kristy performed carefully and uncomplainingly. I thank them both sincerely, for myself, and on behalf of the committee and the members.

As a result, we are having a minor committee reshuffle. If there are any members who might like to be co-opted onto the committee to serve until the next election, or if you can suggest someone else, please get in touch with any committee member, or with me, for a chat.

Some other changes have been brought about by the new mentorship program being established by Davina Dadley-Moore, based initially on the national model promoted by the Canberra Society. We now have a Training/Mentorship subcommittee and we will be taking an increasingly integrative approach to training to ensure that it remains responsive to members' needs.

We are introducing regular surveys for both our events and training courses to solicit feedback from those who came, and more broadly for those who did not. We'll keep them short and sweet, so please do answer them when they turn up in your mailbox. It's the simplest way to find out how we are going and what you would like us to do.

We have moved to an alternating pattern of dinner meeting/committee meeting, so that there is a dinner meeting roughly every two months, and committee meetings in the alternate months. Thanks again to Maryna Mews for organising the committee meetings, and to Petra Poupa for the dinners. A few extra sessions such as accreditation training for the exam will increase the number of dinner meetings. Our surveys will, we hope, elicit your thoughts about our events, and any bright ideas you have.

Thanks to Lorna Hendry and Kate Goldsworthy, our newsletter editors, for the hard work they put into this newsletter each month. If you would like to contribute to content, ideas are always welcome, so please get in touch with the Hon Eds.

The Freelance Register is out and online. Thanks again to Fran Madigan for doing this big job for us. Promote it in your workplaces as much as you can. The new membership system should make a difference to search functionality, so for those of you who have asked Fran for specific filters such as searching by AE status, please hang on for just a bit longer. At present Fran has to manually tag any key words, and it is a lot to ask of a volunteer.

IPEd will remain the focus of attention this year, but I welcome any suggestions from members about the direction the society should be taking generally. Rosemary Noble is now conducting WP4 (the fourth iteration of IPEd transition work). Again, she has done enormous amounts of voluntary work on behalf of the members. Thank you.

Our finances are healthy despite some high costs, such as introducing the new membership system. I would like to thank Charles Houen here - I suspect that only I have an inkling about the enormous amount of work he has been doing in the background, always in the most wise, responsible and thorough way. And I'm sure he does more than I hear about as well. The members are very lucky to have him.

And thank you to you, the members, for being members, coming to our events, and getting in touch when something occurs to you - sometimes it's praise, sometimes not - but all feedback is welcome.

Please come to the next dinner meeting if you can - introduce yourself to me if we haven't met, and refresh my memory if we have. We hope to broaden the pool of members who get together and mingle at these events - it's a great way to meet others Eds, and those who come have a great night out - Eds can get pretty loud, but they seem to get by on a surprisingly small volume of alcohol. News for denizens of Spencer Street and the Cross - brains are better tools for socialising than CH3CH2OH.

Although I don't think Eds are really a key target group, in the spirit of the times, for anyone who's interested, here is FebFast's website.