The Future of IPEd: An Update

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A Working Party has been set up to manage the transition to the IPEd direct membership model, which all society members voted for in November 2013. This is the first of their regular monthly updates to members.


The members of the Working Party (WP) are Rosemary Noble (Chair) and Charles Houen (Victoria), Denise Holden (NSW), Kerry Davies and Robin Bennett (Qld), Elizabeth Murphy (Canberra), Marianne Hammat (SA) and Jo Smith (WA). We don't currently have a member from Tasmania, but hope some volunteers will join at the next stage.

We work under the direction of the IPEd Council and all our major documentation and decisions are sent to Council for endorsement before circulation.

Current Activities

We are currently working on a draft Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) that will map our way forward over the next year. This will be presented to Council at their March meeting and, when endorsed, will be circulated to each society for discussion and signing.

We have asked our WP members to manage five project teams: legal and governance, finance and operations, membership, communications, and professional development. We are preparing scope documents for their activities as well as detailing the types of expertise we will require to accomplish our goals. Again, this information will be presented to the IPEd Council in March so that we can circulate it to societies to recruit interested members to those teams.

Next Steps

  • signing of the MOU by all societies and IPEd
  • circulation of project scope documents and recruitment of additional members to project teams
  • appointment of a part time Project Manager to oversee the processes.

It is difficult to put firm dates on our milestones due to the voluntary and collaborative nature of the project, but as the Chair of the WP, I would like to assure all members that we will undertake each step with maximum thought and care. We will also communicate with all at least monthly, via reports to IPEd Council, IPEd News, website announcements, articles for society newsletters and email bulletins to society presidents. In addition, each member of the WP is available to answer questions and report on feedback from their own societies.

Rosemary Noble, AE

IPEd WP4 Chair