IPEd exam - Don't Panic!!!

Are you still undecided about sitting the IPEd accreditation exam? Are you frozen with indecision? Haven't even attempted a sample exam yet? Our workshop on 20 March will help you settle your nerves and come to a decision.

We'll be taking full advantage of Susan Keogh's expertise. Susan was involved in setting up the exam originally, and has also been a marker. She will talk about the different parts of the exam and reveal common mistakes. She will also explain what you can bring into the exam room - from reference books to special cushions or even a chair.

We have invited several accredited editors to talk about their experience of sitting the exam and give us their best tips. And don't forget to bring a red pen. We're going to work on some sample Section C questions. (If you have attempted a sample exam already, you'll be looking forward to that. NOT!)

If you decide to go ahead and register, and you would like to be put in contact with other people who are preparing for the exam, please email us.

Important Information

Exam Registrations close: Monday 7 April (early bird discounts apply until Friday 7 March)

Exam date: Saturday 3 May 2014

Venue: Wesley College, Prahran, Senior Campus Study Centre (#36 on this map)


Candidates are advised to arrive no later than 12.50 pm

1.10 pm - All candidates to be registered and seated

1.20 pm - Reading starts (30 minutes)

1.50 pm - Questions

2.00 pm - Pens up

5.00 pm - Pens down

Call for Invigilators

If you are an AE and you have a few hours to spare on Saturday 3 May, we need volunteers to be exam invigilators. Interested AEs can email president@editorsvictoria.org for more details.