National Mentoring Program

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Update from the Canberra Society of Editors


On Wednesday 5 February, we held our first workshop for mentors and prospective mentors, so that was a red letter day in our program's development. More on that later.

Just before we started, we received news that South Australia wanted to join the program and had already appointed a local coordinator. A big welcome to South Australia.

Not only that, we were able to confirm Katrina Tidy as ACT coordinator for the program, thus relieving Ted Briggs and Elizabeth M Murphy of the local ACT work and allowing them to concentrate on the national scene. Welcome to Katrina.

Katrina joins our team of local coordinators: Kerry Coyle and Jan Knight, WA; Linda Hale, QLD; Davina Dadley-Moore, VIC; and Sheelagh Wegman, TAS.

And now one more: Katy McDevitt is the brand new South Australian coordinator for our program. We welcome Katy and look forward to talking with her and to seeing her at our next coordinators' meeting by Skype.

And so to our first mentors' workshop on 5 February. This was an outstanding success, with four participants at Elizabeth's home in Canberra, and three who live outside Canberra (Kerry Coyle, Davina Dadley-Moore and a prospective mentor from overseas) participating by Skype. The technology behaved for the most part, so all participants were able to see and hear each other, in action, throughout. We looked at what mentoring is really all about, and compared it with other means of achieving personal development. We discussed a number of issues that can arise in mentorships of any kind, and related them to similar issues within editing and related areas. To help the discussion along, we discussed a variety of case studies that were designed to make everyone think about how they would handle similar situations that could arise in their own mentorships with editors. We think it is important that all new mentors or those thinking of becoming mentors participate in at least one such workshop - perhaps two - before embarking on a mentorship.

We already have a few people waiting for the next mentors' workshop, and will run a second one in Canberra as promised, in March. Ted and Elizabeth will also travel to the closer interstate societies to help local coordinators to run local workshops initially - as holidays and other travel permit.

The next meeting of all coordinators (national and local) will be on Wednesday 19 March, at 7.30 pm Canberra time - all attending by Skype.

Ted Briggs AE

Elizabeth Manning Murphy DE


Update from Editors Victoria

Editors Victoria is in the process of organising a workshop in Victoria for mentors and prospective mentors. We'd like to see as many interested editors as possible at that workshop. Contact your local coordinator, Davina, to ask about this workshop, to apply to be a mentor or a mentee in Victoria or to chat about any aspect of mentoring.