May 2014


You'll have to forgive us if we seem a bit distracted this month.


Through My Eyes: The Process of Creating and Editing a Book Series

Dinner Meeting Report, 16 April 2014

Refugees are a hot topic in our community at the moment. One issue that is not often discussed is how child refugees adapt to their new life in Australia. Coming from a different and often dangerous place, refugee children may have had broken schooling and experience difficulties relating to other children at their new school. A shared love of stories, however, may be the key to better understanding. Teacher Lyn White saw an opportunity to expand children's knowledge of contemporary conflict zones and promote informed empathy among young readers. The Through My Eyes series gives insight into the lives of children whose lives have been forever changed by war.


Freelance Lunch Report

The Freelance Lunch on 3 April was a great success. It was actually so successful that the original venue couldn't fit us in and we became a moveable feast, travelling 200 metres south-west to the Fitz Cafe. Twenty-four editors settled down for a feed, with some having to be prised out of the booths two hours later and ejected into the street, still talking. It was a great mix of working editors, aspiring editors and students, with the volume of chatter you only get when a bunch of editors meet.


IPEd Exam: Saturday 3 May

This Saturday, many eager editors nationwide will sit the IPEd accreditation exam, testing their skills in the hope of adding the coveted postnomial: AE.


Your New Membership System

On 1 May, we switched on Editors Victoria's new membership system, and we hope you will find it truly 'yours'.


2013 IPEd Prize Winner

Meredith Bramich has been announced as the 2013 IPEd Prize winner for her essay 'Editing in the 21st Century', which provides insight into the topics of editing and publishing through analysis of a carefully selected job advertisement.


Mentoring Update

Editors Victoria will be holding workshops for editors who are interested in being mentors in the national mentoring program. Are you unsure about whether it's for you? Come along, and we'll show you what it's all about.


Micro Mentor

Are you just starting out as an editor? Do you have questions that you'd like to ask someone with a bit more experience and knowledge? Ask away! We'll pass on your query to one of our fabulous and generous editors for some considered and wise advice.


Etymology, or an Ode to Arabic

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.


Dear Ed

dearedDear Ed

I've heard there is a publishing company in the US that only employs Virgos. Is it true? And, if so, how do I change my star sign?

Gemini on the Cusp of Greatness