September 2014

Introduction: AGM Edition

From October the newsletter editor will be a paid position (apply by 21st September!), so this rather belated and brief edition represents a bridge from the old world order to the new.


Farewell from the Outgoing President

Fifteenth of July was a day and a half. So many things were happening. I was running round like a scalded cat - you know, that kind of week, that kind of day. We all have them. In fact this week has been pretty much the same.


Hello from the New President

I'm excited to greet you as the new president of Editors Victoria. It's a pleasure to be able to serve Australia's oldest and largest association of professional editors again. I take special delight in the fact that we're based in Melbourne, the world's second City of Literature, where editors are the lifeblood of a vibrant, long-standing publishing industry.


Newsletter Editor Position

The Committee is pleased to offer a contract Newsletter Editor position to members of Editors Victoria who have the skills and the available time to fulfil this important role. The position contract will be renewable annually, and paid at the rate of $60 per hour. It is expected that the usual time requirement will be 10-12 hours per month, with occasional extra hours if the editor needs to write articles. A position description is available. Applications for the position close on the 21st September, and should be addressed to the secretary, Charles Houen, at

AGM Committee Reports

Below you'll find reports read out by committee members at the AGM last month.


AGM Financial Report 2014

This report contains information extracted from the audited financial statements for the financial year 2013-14. The full audited financial statements will be published on the website after the Annual General Meeting.


Dear Ed

dearedDear Ed

What is the worst kind of typo?