October 2014


We're ba-ack. As the new ed hasn't been hired yet and there is a wealth of information to impart, we decided to put together an October issue. 'We' being your eds of the past year, Lorna and Kate, and a new addition to our newsletter and social media family, Alison Strumberger, a terrific ed who has just joined the committee.


Your New Editors Victoria Committee

Now presenting your magnificent (if we do say so ourselves) new committee ... drum roll ...


Were You Accredited in 2009?

Did you become an accredited editor in 2009? Five years have flown past and the time has come to renew your accreditation. You will need to show that you have been actively involved in the editing profession and that you have undertaken appropriate professional development activities to maintain and extend your editing skills. There is no exam - all you have to do is provide the required information via an application form available on the IPEd website.


National Mentoring Program Update

Our Coordinators' Team Is Complete Again

After a little hiatus, the ACT has a new coordinator, Pam Faulks. Pam sees the mentoring program as a great way for editors at all levels to work together for mutual benefit. Welcome to the team, Pam.


IPEd Prize 2014

Are you a postgraduate student who is studying editing or publishing? Entries for the annual IPEd Prize are now open. IPEd supports and fosters research in editing and publishing as part of its broader mission to enhance the profession of editing. As part of this mission, the IPEd Prize awards $250 for a high?quality essay on editing or publishing written in the context of a postgraduate program.


The Inaugural Manuscript Assessor Conference

Over red wine at The Moat sometime in August, I was talking shop with some freelance editor friends of mine. The end of our conversation went roughly like this:

'Do you offer manuscript assessment?'

'Yes,' I said. 'Do you?'


'Why not?'


Australasian Medical Writers Association 2014 Annual Conference: an Editor's Perspective

How could I resist a conference titled 'Overdoing it: tests, treatments & tonics'? Did I deserve to go though? I tested myself. Had I been overdoing it? Yes. Did I need treatment for that? Yes.


Micro Mentor

Dear MM,

Since I went freelance, I've had so much work from my previous employer that I haven't thought to look elsewhere. This month, all of a sudden, I have no work to do. How do all the other freelancers out there do it?

Shocked and Awed


Dear Ed

dearedDear Ned

My friend says that if you multiply your hourly rate by 1000, it tells you how much you will earn in a year. Is this a predictive fantasy? How does it work?

Glen Fiddich


Etymology: Pun Punditry

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.