First, a word from Editors Victoria President Jackey Coyle.

Happy November! After Cup Day, time seems to pass at exponential speed as we rush towards the holiday season madly finishing off jobs, catching up with friends and colleagues, and not only tying up ends but hatching plans.

Our new committee is settling in and there's a buzz of energy I find exhilarating. We'll explore the plans our various portfolios are making for 2015 in the December newsletter. Meanwhile, if you attended our wonderful October dinner meeting you would have soaked up that buzz and seen a smidgen of what's coming from the Events subcommittee.

This is the first issue of our newsletter edited by Margie Beilharz. I'd like to welcome Margie - she was selected as newsletter editor from 30 applicants by a brilliant panel of three assessors. Thanks so much to our outgoing editors - Kate Goldsworthy and Lorna Hendry - I know just how much time, care and energy the role takes.

Another change is about to occur - our long-time Training Officer Ann Philpott is relinquishing her portfolio in December and concentrating on her work commitments. I'll be announcing her successor in December.

A freelance lunch is coming up late this month and our final dinner meeting of the year on 11 December will be celebratory and fun. Do come and celebrate with us!

Jackey Coyle

Blushing madly, let me say that I'm enjoying the editor's role already.

In this month's bumper edition, you'll find:

  • opportunities for professional development - the upcoming national conference, accreditation and training courses
  • support for freelancers, including the register and a networking lunch
  • news on our October dinner meeting and a recent editing conference in the UK 
  • editing resources (two reviews of very useful books)
  • an invitation to contribute your thoughts to IPEd's future planning
  • a welcome to new members
  • pithy advice from Micro Mentor and Dear Ed
  • and more!

In short, all you'd hope for from your local society for editors.

Margie Beilharz
Newsletter editor