February 2015


The first newsletter of 2015 is a sign that the holidays (and the tennis!) are truly over and I am back at my desk - working on projects but also planning my year and considering new editing challenges.

So where better to start than with some inspiration from this month's newsletter? Read on for upcoming training courses; dinners and lunches that combine conversation on all things editing with food and wine; mentoring opportunities (both to receive and offer); and notice of a prize for those who venture into indexing.


President's Report

A new year is like a soft green flower bud. Although we have some idea of how it will open, we aren't totally sure until each day reveals a little more of the petals. One month into 2015, the colours and texture are beginning to show.

This year will be coloured by one of the biggest decisions we have had to make in our long history - our metamorphosis into a national body - and its final form is yet to be determined. One thing is certain, though - you will be a major part of forming the shape of our organisation for next year, next decade, next century.


Jackie French and David Astle to Speak at the National Editors Conference in May

The organisers of write | edit | index, the 7th IPEd National Editors Conference 2015, are thrilled to announce Jackie French and David Astle as keynote speakers.

If you're planning to go, register before 20 February to get the early bird rate.


2014 Christmas Party Wrap-up

As our thoughts turned to Christmas and taking some much needed time off, there was the crucial matter of completing Editors Victoria's social calendar with the annual, all-important Christmas party and trivia night, held at CQ Functions on 11 December.

It was a night charged with competitive spirit as about 50 editors descended on Melbourne's CBD, ready to do battle and fight for glory against their colleagues. Drinks and mingling were the first order of the evening, before everyone settled at their tables to tuck into a delicious buffet dinner and the end-of-year celebratory dessert.


Mentoring Update - Achieve Your Editing Goals or Help Others

We have exciting news: the first mentorship in Victoria is now complete. And several more pairs are about to begin their journey.

Thank you once again to our volunteer mentors for your dedication to the editing profession.

We still have many more mentees than mentors, so if you think that you might like to help another editor reach his or her potential, feel free to chat to me about it. This opportunity is now open to members at all levels.


Invitation to Editing Goes Global 2015, Canada

The Editors' Association of Canada (EAC) invites Editors Victoria members to a groundbreaking international editing conference, to be held in Toronto from 12 to 14 June 2015.

Editing Goes Global  marks the first time that EAC will partner with similar organisations from around the world for an unparalleled weekend of international networking, learning and fun.


Micro Mentor

Dear MM,

I'm training as an editor, and I'm struggling with spelling, which is a terrible curse for an editor. I've always been a good speller, and I'm great at crosswords. What should I do?

Always A. Typo


Typo of the Month - or How Much Are You Worth?

You may have seen recent accounts of the 124-year-old company Taylor & Sons that was bankrupted by a typo in a 2009 UK government register. 

Typos have also been credited with causing chaos on stock exchanges in Israel in 2013 and Wall Street in 2010.

And, back in 1872, an accidental change from 'fruit-plants tropical' to 'fruit, plants tropical' in the list of tax-free imports cost the US government millions of dollars in lost tax on fruit.

Keep that in mind when you're wondering what an editor is worth.

Recognition for a Great Book Index?

If you've created, or know of, an outstanding book index, consider nominating it for the John Simkin Medal 2015 - an award from the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI) that recognises an outstanding index to a book compiled in Australia or New Zealand. The 2013 recipient was Alan Walker for his index to John Howard's detailed personal and political autobiography, Lazarus Rising. 


Dear Ed

dearedDear Edifice,

You obviously have an ear finely tuned to poetic turns of phrase. When was the first time the seductive tones of poetry whispered to you from the shadows?

Frank Lee