July 2015


This month we bring you a swag of information about what's going on at Editors Victoria and IPEd, and how you can take part. There's also lots of news on opportunities for professional development or simply getting together with 'your people' - other editors.

As you read this newsletter, you can:

  • put the date for the AGM in your diary and, even better, think about nominating for a position on the committee or a sub-committee
  • consider the word and taste of chocolate
  • hear reports from the social media panel at the June dinner (and see how moderator and reviewer Sarah Mokrzycki is already putting what she learned into practice) and from the Editing Goes Global conference, attended by Rosemary Noble on behalf of IPEd
  • lobby your local MP. Why? For editing, of course (and we don't mean their election flyers, dismal as they sometimes are)


Message from the President

July means change - the days lengthen, the new financial year kicks in, and the Koorie seasons shift from deep winter to early spring. I think of July as rich and luscious - it's the 'Christmas in July' month, the 'snuggle up and hunker down' month, the ruby month of that gem of love, health and wisdom.

July also means change for us here at Editors Victoria - we call for nominations for our committee members, to be elected or re-elected in August at our AGM. I'd love to hear from you if you're up for a stint in our committee. Whether you're a full member or not, there's a place for you and your skills, whether on our executive committee or one of our subcommittees. You can play a part in running Australia's largest and oldest society of editors, influence the course of history, learn new skills for your CV and work with a bunch of innovative, committed and inspired people.


Editors Victoria 2015 AGM: Call for Nominations for President and Committee Membership

The 2015 Editors Victoria Annual General Meeting will be held on Thursday 13 August at the CQ Centre, Queen Street, Melbourne. Members who wish to attend must register at the website when registrations are opened.

At this time, we are calling for nominations for the position of president of Editors Victoria, for members of the executive committee, and for offers to serve on subcommittees.

You may nominate yourself or one other member for president, and multiple members for the committee. Nominations for the position of president must be received by the secretary by 5.00pm on Sunday 26 July 2015. If more than one nomination for president is received, ballot papers will be sent to members.


Professional Development for Editors is Vital in Today's Work Climate

Professional development for 2015-16 … Redact has to be on top of your list.

Get your diaries and block out the weekend of 17 to 18 October 2015 and consider which professional development stream suits you:

  • manuscript assessment (fiction and nonfiction)
  • editing digital content
  • supercharging your business.


Accreditation Exam to be Onscreen in 2016

The IPEd Accreditation Board plans to hold the first onscreen accreditation exam on 30 April 2016. For the onscreen (as distinct from online) exam, candidates will sit the exam in a computer lab in an invigilated setting.

The Board is negotiating with a provider of computer training facilities which has venues to run the exam in capital cities, plus partner organisations across Australia, so further venues may be made available if required.


Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) Exam to be Held in Brisbane

BELS will be holding an exam at the Australasian Medical Writers' Association conference in Brisbane on Sunday 30 August 2015, with registration required by 9 August 2015.

For more information and an application form visit the BELS website.

Revolution or Evolution? Thoughts on the Direct Membership Model

Janet Mackenzie has contributed her thoughts on the proposed change to the structure of IPEd and the state societies.

Let me begin by explaining what my angle is on this. I am an honorary life member of Editors Victoria and a Distinguished Editor of IPEd. My efforts at persuading editors to organise as a profession began in 1971 when I helped to found the Society of Editors, now Editors Victoria. For more than 10 years from 1998 I was active at the national level in IPEd's predecessor, the Council of Australian Societies of Editors, and later in IPEd, serving in various roles including councillor, liaison officer and convenor of the Accreditation Working Group.


Discussing the 'Cowboy World' of Social Media: the June Dinner Meeting

On Wednesday 17 June Editors Victoria held our latest dinner meeting at CQ in the city. The event was held in the building's intimate upstairs function room overlooking Queen Street. The room was alive with conversation and laughter, and positively bursting at the seams with over 50 people in attendance.

Once everyone was sufficiently fed (that tandoori chicken and saffron rice - yum!) President Jackey Coyle was invited to officially open the meeting and discuss things to come. Jackey reiterated the importance of feedback on the IPEd papers and also discussed the upcoming committee nominations and AGM (to be held mid-August).

Then it was time for our panel to shine! 

Social media_panel.June2015

The social media panel (L-R): Lorna Hendry, Veronica Sullivan, Iolanthe Gabrie and panel moderator Sarah Mokrzycki (Credit: Nicole Mathers)


Report on 'Editing Goes Global' Conference

Rosemary Noble reports back from Editing Goes Global in Toronto, which she attended as IPEd representative.

Friday 12 June to Sunday 14 June 2015: three days of inspiring and exciting presentations, connections and discussions. Our fellow editors in Canada, particularly the conference organising committee of the Editors' Association of Canada, gave me and the other international delegates a really warm welcome. This was also true of the many other editors attending who were delighted to see and speak with editors like us from so far away. I was never asked about how I enjoyed the skiing in Austria, but there were a few who confessed, 'I'm a bit hazy on Australian geography. Melbourne - where is that?' and multiple versions of 'Wow, how long did it take for you to get here?' (I actually won a prize during the closing ceremony for the delegate who had travelled the furthest!)


The Monthly Q&A: Kate Goldsworthy

Kate has worked on trade books since 2010. She started in-house at Black Inc. with some freelancing work on the side, then worked as a full-time freelancer, and is now full-time as an editor at Affirm Press.

How has your month been?

Well, to be honest ... I'm enjoying some annual leave right now. I've been at Affirm Press for a bit over six months and am taking a holiday in sunny California - hey, it's my first use of annual leave since 2012!

Before taking leave, I was busy, I swear. Books coming out of my ears. I'm usually juggling several projects at various stages of development, so at any given moment there might be one on the verge of heading to print, one that I'm proofreading for another editor, one that I'm copyediting, one that's part-way through a structural edit, one that's just been signed up or is being negotiated, and so on. And these books are in a few different genres, from gift to literary fiction to commercial nonfiction (and others), so I need to be able to switch streams pretty quickly.