August 2015


I'm happy to report that my name is on the list of new members this month - I joined Editors Victoria as an associate member in 2013 but finally got my portfolio together to apply for full membership on the basis of accumulated editing work. Being accepted is very pleasing but also timely: you need to be a full member to vote on the IPEd new model. If you're thinking about upgrading to full membership, requirement details are on the website.

As we near the vote, Rosemary Noble has responded (on behalf of the Transition Working Party) to Janet Mackenzie's letter in last month's newsletter. Rosemary explains that the working party members have taken Janet's concerns to heart and now propose a more gradual transition to the direct membership model (if the vote is in favour). Read the details here.


Message from the President

As new growth peeks from bare branches, winter is ending at last. August marks a full circle, too, in my time with you as president. It's been a wild ride, with thrills and not too many spills.

When I think about the past year I feel immensely proud of what our committee has achieved. We've enjoyed innovations across all our portfolios in spite of having lives crammed with life events and relationships, with work and with play, and in addition to understanding and responding to the proposed changes to our structure via a national direct membership model.


AGM: Your Society Needs You!

Dear members,

We're looking forward to seeing you at our AGM on Thursday 13 August. As the society's membership is growing and our activities are expanding, we need new committee members more than ever. Some members of the current committee will retire at the AGM, so we need some new people willing to volunteer some time to Editors Victoria.

In return, you'll become part of an innovative, nimble team with a strong admin backup so you can make the best use of your knowledge and skills. You'll be able to implement lasting changes to our society's activities, and to flesh out your CV with valuable skills and experience.


Open Letter to Janet Mackenzie

On 1 July 2015, Janet Mackenzie, an Honorary Life Member of Editors Victoria, wrote an article entitled Revolution or Evolution: Thoughts on the Direct Membership Model, in which she urged members to vote against the proposed transition to direct membership. This letter responds to Janet's comments from the point of view of the Transition Working Party.

Dear Janet,

Thank you for taking the time to make your views on the forthcoming transition proposal known to Editors Victoria members. The Transition Working Party, of which I am the Project Manager, takes your comments seriously, as we realise that they reflect the views of many of the total membership. Indeed, we give, and will continue to give, careful consideration to all members' views and all current societies' views, and we will maintain a careful consultation process throughout, for as long as it takes.


Editors and Publishers: Please Help Us Test Updated Freelance Register Search Design

The Freelance Register is being updated, and the freelance subcommittee is seeking editors and publishers and/or project managers to test the usability of the new design.

The update is designed to:

  • make it easy for potential clients to find the editors who best match their needs
  • let editors create and maintain their own profiles on the Register
  • ensure that all editors in the Register are equally discoverable
  • reduce the number of clicks to get to a search
  • highlight the existing (but underused) option of advertising for an editor.


The Monthly Q&A: Sophie Dougall

Sophie is a freelance editor at her business Sophista. She's been working as a professional editor for three years.

How has your month been?

I've had a good mix of work this month. I do a bit of work for a start-up whose parent company is American. I proof all their employee forms, contracts, marketing collateral, promotional handbooks and basically any correspondence coming from the US. I change the English to Australian English and check references and any colloquialisms, jargon etc. I also did a job for a design agency which I really enjoyed as it was on hard copy and most of my work is online, so it was good to use proofreading marks again. I've had a job put on hold for a wellness booklet as the author is still collating photos. Most of my work is one-off and ranges from academic theses to web copy and fiction. I love the variety.


Gippsland Meeting

Seven editors attended the first gathering in Gippsland on Friday 10 July. Over lunch at the Courthouse in Warragul, we discussed all the usual fun things editors talk about when they get together: quoting, qualifications, curious clients and that one pesky error that makes its way into publication no matter how thorough we thought we had been.

GippEds cropped

The Gippsland editors (L to R): Sally Woollett, Venetia Somerset, Sophie Dougall, Jan Miller, Maree Wallace and Anne Roussac-Hoyne. Not pictured is the photographer, Caitilin Punshon.


National Mentoring Update

Mentoring in Accreditation Exam Preparation

As our guidelines say, you can be mentored in just about anything, provided it has some link to editing. At the moment, there seems to be a surge in people seeking mentoring to help them prepare for the next IPEd accreditation exam. Why would this be? Well, the next exam is planned to be an on-screen exam instead of the usual paper and ink exam. You will be able to use Track Changes and not worry about proofreading marks - maybe this will be good for you if you constantly work with Track Changes. Maybe you haven't done an exam of any kind for a number of years - planning your pre-reading, your examination strategies, what reference material to take with you and why, taking care of yourself so that you feel confident on the day, and other topics could be among your goals.


News from the Accreditation Board

Planning for the next accreditation exam, currently scheduled for April 2016, is becoming more intense. The Board is working towards presenting the exam on-screen using Microsoft Word. We hada trial run of the current prototype scheduled for Saturday 11 July in Canberra, tol tell us if we are on the right track. After the trial, and after we have made any changes that come out of it, we will be making the prototype available on the IPEd website for everyone to try out.


What's Happening in IPEd?

IPEd's Transition Working Party (WP4) project teams are currently reviewing the feedback on the transition green papers from the members of all societies. There has been some excellent feedback that is helping to identify any necessary changes to the papers. When that review is complete, the WP4 committee will focus on developing the final information package for the voting members of all the editors societies.

That package will provide all the information that society members need to understand what the vote is about, and the advantages and risks of the proposed plan for the transition of IPEd to be a national, direct membership association of editors.