September 2015


For those of you who couldn't make the AGM in August, here we have the reports on the year's activities from Editors Victoria President Jackey Coyle and from each of the executive officers.

One of Jackey's duties at the AGM was awarding Lan Wang an honorary life membership of Editors Victoria, and you can read why Lan deserves the honour in the excerpt from Liz Steele's speech.


President's Report

Jackey Coyle was re-elected as president of Editors Victoria at the AGM.

As we swing into our second year together, I'm looking forward to welcoming new committee members at our mid-month committee meeting.

The 12 months have zoomed by since I was elected president, and I'm proud of what our committee has achieved.

We've put to the test the new committee structure devised by our previous committee under Trischa Mann - and found it works a treat!


Committee and Subcommittee Members 2015-16

What a great result from the call for members to become involved in running Editors Victoria! Here's the full list of those participating over the next year. The new subcommittee groupings will be sorted out at the next committee meeting, on Tuesday 15 September. We'll let you know in the next newsletter who is taking on which role.

Returning Members

Jackey Coyle - President (executive)
Charles Houen - Secretary, Treasurer (executive)
Maryna Mews - Membership Officer (executive)
Davina Dadley-Moore - Mentorship and Professional Development Officer (executive)
Mary-Jo O'Rourke - Freelance Affairs Officer (executive)



This year the communications subcommittee, Lorna Hendry, Kate Goldsworthy and Alison Strumberger, had three main roles: the newsletter, social media and the Editors Victoria website.


We'll start with the thank yous: to Cass for her excellent proofread every month; to Dear Ed (whoever he/she is) for diligent column-writing and tackling the big questions; and to all our wonderful contributors and interviewees, especially those people who spent the time to write up their month for our new Q&A column. This turned out to be one of our most popular features.



This year, the events team was fortunate enough to have three members: Carolyn Leslie, Sarah Mokrzycki and Annie Reid.

Being a team of three gave us an advantage - we found a great deal of energy and came up with some terrific ideas.We also found we had the person-power to undertake a number of reviews of our processes, and we made some significant changes.


Our events calendar for the period August 2014 to July 2015 began in October with a conversation with Kirstie Innes-Will, who spoke about creating her portfolio-style publishing career.


Freelance Affairs

The freelance affairs portfolio, in the hands of Freelance Officer Mary-Jo O'Rourke and subcommittee members Anne Gugger and Alison Strumberger, has been busy over the past 12 months. There have been general enquiries, discussions about quoting and rates, the Freelance Register and freelance lunches to attend to, as well as general committee traffic.

Freelance Register

My first main task was the annual update of the Freelance Register, which is now online only. I decided to allow new applications and renewals at any time, so after a busy period around November-December, there has been a steady stream of applications. There are currently around 140 entries. I also added a disclaimer to the front page of the Register.



The membership team is Membership Officer Maryna Mews and subcommittee member Meredith Bramich.

In September 2014, I formally took over from Charles Houen as membership officer. Charles had been instrumental in implementing the new automated membership system, MEMNET, earlier in the year. As most of you know, apart from membership applications and renewals, it also handles event and training registrations and provides other information. It is proving to be to be of immense assistance to the committee and support staff.


Professional Development

In the new committee structure, the professional development subcommittee covers training (Pam Firth), mentorship (Davina Dadley-Moore) and accreditation (Andi Jones AE).


From the AGM in 2014 until 1 December 2014, Ann Philpott was the training officer. Ann stepped down after a heroic six years as a volunteer on the committee. We then welcomed Pam Firth as the next training officer.


Treasurer and IPEd Councillor Report

Charles Houen reported in his roles as Treasurer and IPEd Councillor. The audit of our financial results was only completed recently, so the full audited statements will be posted on the website in the next week or so.

Treasurer's Report

For the financial year that ended on 30 June 2015, Editors Victoria had an audited surplus of income over expenses from its usual operations of $8,600.


Lan Wang: Our 27th Honorary Life Member

This is an excerpt from Liz Steele's presentation speech.

Tonight it gives me great pleasure to speak about Lan Wang's outstanding contribution to Editors Victoria and why it is so important that Lan be recognised with honorary life membership.

LizSteeleLandLanWangRLan and I met in 2002 when we were paired to manage and produce the Society's then monthly newsletter. I was a new committee member and, when I needed a technically savvy partner, Lan appeared with every technical bit of knowhow you could imagine. We were both working at very full-time freelance businesses, but we seemed to gel brilliantly from the start, and for three years produced a pretty good newsletter to deadline every month. My erratic news gathering and hours of work around children were complemented by Lan's common sense and clear brain, and also late working hours - we often made very important decisions after midnight!

Liz Steele (L) and Lan Wang (R) after the presentation