Treasurer and IPEd Councillor Report

Charles Houen reported in his roles as Treasurer and IPEd Councillor. The audit of our financial results was only completed recently, so the full audited statements will be posted on the website in the next week or so.

Treasurer's Report

For the financial year that ended on 30 June 2015, Editors Victoria had an audited surplus of income over expenses from its usual operations of $8,600.

We also had a one-time, unusual expense of $25,560 for the IPEd transitional levy, which IPEd needed to cover the costs of researching and preparing a proposed transition to IPEd as a national, direct membership association of Australian editors. Editors Victoria chose to pay that levy out of its accumulated surplus, whereas the other state and territory societies of editors increased their membership fees to cover that levy. So, after paying the levy, we had a deficit for the year of $16,960. We will have more to say about IPEd later in these reports.

Our main services and activity areas - freelance affairs, member meetings and training - had active and successful years. The committee and support functions were careful with their expenses, staying well within budget, contributing to the operating surplus.

Our overall balance sheet is very healthy. Even after the total deficit of just under $17,000, which was all due to the transitional levy, we have accumulated surplus funds of nearly $192,000. Of that, $175,000 is bank balances.

IPEd Councillor's Report

IPEd had a very busy year. The IPEd national editors conference, hosted by the Canberra society in May, was well attended and ran a very interesting program. Editors Victoria was a major sponsor of the conference.

The other major activity was the development by the IPEd working party of a proposed plan for the transition of IPEd to be a national, direct membership association of Australian editors. In September, members of all societies will receive an information package, leading to votes in October-November by the members of each society on whether to approve the plan. Those votes, including postal and electronic voting, will be complete by in early November, so that a final IPEd result can be declared.

Editors Victoria will hold an information and discussion session about the transition plan on Wednesday 7 October, and we are planning for a special general meeting for the Editors Victoria vote on 12 November. Members who can't attend that meeting will have been able to submit their votes as proxies by post and Survey Monkey during October.

Charles Houen
Treasurer and IPEd Councillor