Professional Development

In the new committee structure, the professional development subcommittee covers training (Pam Firth), mentorship (Davina Dadley-Moore) and accreditation (Andi Jones AE).


From the AGM in 2014 until 1 December 2014, Ann Philpott was the training officer. Ann stepped down after a heroic six years as a volunteer on the committee. We then welcomed Pam Firth as the next training officer.

In the second half of 2014, we ran two workshops, and two were cancelled because of lack of enrolments.

In January 2015, the subcommittee met to discuss revamping the training program. We considered that our training should span three broad areas: editing skills, software and technology, and business skills. We then designed the 2015 program with a few key points in mind. We wanted to run popular workshops that had not been held for several years (such as Lan Wang's eBooks for Beginners, which sold out). We listened to queries from the members and commissioned trainers to develop workshops around common topics (such as Trischa Mann's upcoming Legal Issues for Professional Editors). We also tackled ideas that would help editors to develop a 21st century skill set (for example, our series of workshops on editing for the web, which began with Sybil Nolan and Meredith Hinze's Creating and Editing a WordPress Website).

Overall, we ran six workshops in the first half of 2015, and more than 100 members attended.

We're greatly looking forward to Redact, our premier training event for mid-career editors. There are still a few places left for this weekend away in October. We're also launching our first webinars in November. Watch this space.

We have many ideas for 2016. Most of all though, we'd love to hear from you about the training you'd like to see. We're about to launch a survey, so please complete this so that we know how we can serve you best.


This time last year, Editors Victoria had joined the National Mentoring Program set up by the Canberra Society of Editors. It was early days, however. Now, we are in full swing.

Two mentorships have been completed, and two are under way. Three further pairs are being matched. The program has exceeded the expectations of all of the mentors and mentees who have participated so far.

This year was also the year that the national program changed in response to the suggestions of Victorian editors. One of the recent changes is that, after the local mentoring coordinator matches a mentee with a mentor, the mentee sets up a phone call with the mentor. In this way, the mentee and mentor can have a quick chat to see whether they think they are a good match.

In May, the program was officially adopted as an IPEd program. And, in June, we took on the world, as Carolyn Leslie discussed her experience as a mentor, at the Editing Goes Global conference in Canada.

If you'd like to share your skills and knowledge, then please send us an email. Members of all levels can be mentors or mentees - or both.


The Victorian representative on the IPEd Accreditation Board was Andi Jones, who is now stepping down after two years in the role.

In 2014, the accreditation board representative helped assess the renewal of accreditation applications from AEs who sat the exam in 2009. Of 14 eligible AEs, 7 applied for renewal, and all were successful.

The board representative is also responsible for helping to develop the accreditation exam. No exam was held in 2015. The next exam has a tentative date of 30 April 2016, and this will be an onscreen exam held at a testing centre. A mock-up was available at the national conference, in Canberra, in May. Exciting times, as we enter the digital world.

Thank you to the subcommittee members for their dedication over the past year.

And thank you to all of the members who emailed us with feedback and questions. We always like to hear from you.

Davina Dadley-Moore
Professional Development Officer