The membership team is Membership Officer Maryna Mews and subcommittee member Meredith Bramich.

In September 2014, I formally took over from Charles Houen as membership officer. Charles had been instrumental in implementing the new automated membership system, MEMNET, earlier in the year. As most of you know, apart from membership applications and renewals, it also handles event and training registrations and provides other information. It is proving to be to be of immense assistance to the committee and support staff.

Nevertheless, a human interface is needed for dealing with enquiries, processing requests for the different levels of membership, and activating the final stages of member registration. Throughout the year I have been greatly assisted by Meredith Bramich, who is regrettably leaving the membership portfolio. We spent the earlier part of the year mastering the MEMNET system. Later in the year we were engaged in transferring files and information to Google Apps for committee communications. We also worked together on improving the information about membership on the Editors Victoria website and tweaking processes in response to feedback from enquirers and members.

On average we welcome six to ten members a month across the student, associate member and member grades. Applications for the member grade are assessed by the executive committee on a monthly basis. We observe that member discounts are popular and applicants often apply to join before registering for an event. We also notice that there is a spike in student applications at the start of the university semesters.

We end the year with around 642 members. Our job could not have been done without the unstinting assistance of Editors Victoria's administrative officer Nicole Mathers and secretary and treasurer Charles Houen, together with the advice, support and encouragement of our president, Jackey Coyle, and the other committee members. The healthy membership figures are a reflection of the activities of Editors Victoria, and an ongoing community interest in the editing profession as a whole.

Maryna Mews
Membership Officer