This year, the events team was fortunate enough to have three members: Carolyn Leslie, Sarah Mokrzycki and Annie Reid.

Being a team of three gave us an advantage - we found a great deal of energy and came up with some terrific ideas.We also found we had the person-power to undertake a number of reviews of our processes, and we made some significant changes.


Our events calendar for the period August 2014 to July 2015 began in October with a conversation with Kirstie Innes-Will, who spoke about creating her portfolio-style publishing career.

The annual Christmas dinner trivia quiz was held in December. At that event, we also collected over four boxes of new books to donate to the Smith Family's toy and book appeal.

The February dinner featured Hannah Koelmeyer. Hannah is the online content editor of Cooked, a digital initiative for cookbooks and recipes created by Hardie Grant Publishing.

At the April dinner, Mandy Brett, a senior editor at Text Publishing, and Jock Serong, an author whose debut novel, Quota, was published by Text in 2014. Mandy and Jock worked closely together on Quota for some years, and they spoke about the collaborative nature of editing Jock's book.

In June, we had our panel discussion for the year. Our topic was social media for editors, and our speakers were Iolanthe Gabrie, director of Ruby Slipper Consultants; Veronica Sullivan, online editor of Kill Your Darlings journal and assistant manager of the Stella Prize; and Editors Victoria's own social media guru (among other wonderful roles and skill sets), Lorna Hendry.

Organisation and innovation

Behind the scenes, the events team investigated alternative venues for our dinner meetings. We looked at prices and what features were on offer and came to the conclusion that CQ continues to offer us the best value for our budget and for our needs. CQ offers us a competitive function rate, while offering us a variety of rooms, AV equipment and the ability to accommodate members with special dietary needs.

The events team also investigated price points and costs involved for members to attend our dinners. You will have noticed a slight increase in the costs of attending our dinners. The money is being spent wisely - when we looked at the costs involved in running a dinner event, it was obvious that a significant contribution to our events had been thus far overlooked.

The events team proposed that this be rectified immediately. I'm proud that since February, we have paid a speaker's fee to our after-dinner speakers. This, we believe, acknowledges the right for people to be paid for their work, and recognises that our dinner speakers contribute in a meaningful way to the ongoing professional development of our members.

With the help of publicity departments at Hardie Grant and Text Publishing, and from Editors Victoria's own stash of publications, we have been able to offer some terrific door prizes to members attending our dinners.

We would like to thank a few people: Nicole Mathers, who took care of a lot of administrative details for our dinners; all of our speakers, and Sally Cocking and the wonderful CQ staff for their support at our dinner events.

Thank you.

Carolyn Leslie, Sarah Mokrzycki and Annie Reid