This year the communications subcommittee, Lorna Hendry, Kate Goldsworthy and Alison Strumberger, had three main roles: the newsletter, social media and the Editors Victoria website.


We'll start with the thank yous: to Cass for her excellent proofread every month; to Dear Ed (whoever he/she is) for diligent column-writing and tackling the big questions; and to all our wonderful contributors and interviewees, especially those people who spent the time to write up their month for our new Q&A column. This turned out to be one of our most popular features.

Since Lorna and Kate joined the committee two years ago, the newsletter has been going out at the start of every month. We know that members now expect (and, we hope, anticipate!) it landing in their email inbox. Each month seems to have more and more content, which is the main reason that the committee took the big step this year of employing a paid newsletter editor.

Margie Beilharz took on that role in November last year, and she has been doing a fantastic job. Margie reminds us all when our articles are due, collates and edits all the content, prepares the email newsletter and loads up the articles and pictures on the website. We love having her working with us, and we know the new communications subcommittee will be in very good hands. They'll also be working with a newsletter that is being opened and clicked on by a significant portion of recipients, who are hopefully also reading it and taking it in!

Social media

The past year has been our most active one in terms of social media. Our Facebook page has been very busy. We use it to tell people about training courses, conferences, job opportunities and interesting articles from around the world - and refrain as much as possible from posting photos of editors and their cats.

This was also the year in which Secret Editors' Business, a closed Facebook group for society members across Australia, started up. Although not strictly an Editors Victoria thing, it has to be said that it was our idea and we did start it. There are now 276 members, and discussions have ranged from urgent questions on tricky jobs to freelance rates, quoting, contracts, managing difficult clients, IPEd, work-life balance and (in my case) fishing for compliments for tidying up our desks.

We've been tweeting a bit too, at @EditorsVic - most notably from the conference earlier this year, which (once I got the hang of the whole hashtag thing) was fun. We even had a 'tweet meet', where all the conference tweeters went outside and sat in the sunshine together for about 10 minutes until it got too awkward and we all ran away clutching our phones.

I'd love the new subcommittee to take Twitter in hand, as I think there's a lot of scope to use it to promote not just the society, but also the world and work of editing more broadly. Apparently Instagram and Tumblr are also things. I'll leave that with you.


Our track record on the website is perhaps not so great. We would have liked to spend more time updating the content but, to be honest, we didn't get around it. If the new subcommittee is looking for a challenge, this might be something to get your teeth into.

To finish up, I'd encourage all of you to get involved in some way. Follow us on Twitter (and tweet), join up to Secret Editors Business (and chat) and let us know what you want to see on the website. Thanks for welcoming us, helping us, mentoring us and letting us be part of such a great team. We'll miss you!

Lorna, Kate and Alison