Committee and Subcommittee Members 2015-16

What a great result from the call for members to become involved in running Editors Victoria! Here's the full list of those participating over the next year. The new subcommittee groupings will be sorted out at the next committee meeting, on Tuesday 15 September. We'll let you know in the next newsletter who is taking on which role.

Returning Members

Jackey Coyle - President (executive)
Charles Houen - Secretary, Treasurer (executive)
Maryna Mews - Membership Officer (executive)
Davina Dadley-Moore - Mentorship and Professional Development Officer (executive)
Mary-Jo O'Rourke - Freelance Affairs Officer (executive)

Pam Firth - training subcommittee
Anne Gugger - freelance affairs subcommittee
Margie Beilharz - newsletter subcommittee

New Members

Campbell Aitken
Paul Bugeja
Kate Cuthbert
Sophie Dougall
Sandra Duncanson
Harriet Empey
Ruth Fluhr
Stephanie Heriot
Sally Holdsworth
Alexis Kelly
Carole Lander
Sharon Lierse
Susan Pierotti
Ron Thiele
Valentine Watkins