October 2015


This month we let you know who has taken on what roles in the new committee, and introduce you to the communications team. They'll be Facebooking, tweeting, websiting and newslettering their hearts out for us all - a big welcome to Paul, Susan, Val and Ruth. I'm still in the team too, doing the nuts and bolts of getting the newsletter out to members (and creating verbs, as you do).

There don't seem to be a lot of prizes out there for editors, but this month we have information on two: the IPEd prize and your chance to edit a novella. This might the just what you've been waiting for.


President's Report

As we cross to the other side of the spring equinox, a surge of energy has been unleashed.

Our country has a new leader with a new cabinet that better represents our national make-up, our values, and our place in both this world and this millennium.

Our society has a new committee, our largest ever, and this second quarter of the financial year will see us finally make one of our biggest decisions yet: whether to become a branch of a national editor body under the proposed direct membership model or not; as is, or modified.


The 2015-16 Editors Victoria Committee

We have a healthy mix of continuing and new representatives on the 2015-16 Editors Victoria committee.

The executive committee is:

Many of the portfolios share the work with a number of subcommittee members.


Introducing the New Comms Team

Your new communications team is looking forward to keeping the conversation going within and beyond Editors Victoria  - through the newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and the website. When they manage to meet up, they'll be:

Digital is where it's at and it's where Paul Bugeja has been at for the past five years - from content-managing sports opinion and marketing copy for Betfair Australia to working as an Online Digital Coordinator at Arts Centre Melbourne to steering the helm as editor of outspoken opinion site The Big Smoke, with a range of other work in between. He may not be a digital native but he's certainly emigrated from the land of print to the bold new frontier of digital and relishes working in this ever-evolving space.


IPEd Accreditation: Exam Date and Renewal

The IPEd Accreditation Board has announced that the next accreditation exam will be held on Saturday 25 June 2016. This will be an onscreen exam.

This is later than the April date we had previously been working towards but, on reviewing the schedule of things that needed to be done to minimise the risks associated with the new method of delivery, we felt it was safest to allow a little extra time. The IPEd Board apologises to members who may have already begun preparing for an earlier exam, but we hope you'll appreciate the extra time.


The IPEd Transition Plan Vote: What's Happening?

The important documents described below are about the upcoming vote by members of Editors Victoria on the IPEd Transition Plan. The Transition Plan votes by our members, and the members of the other societies, are to determine whether IPEd should make the transition to be a national, direct membership association representing Australian editors, with branches replacing the societies.

If it is approved by enough member societies of IPEd, including ours, then our members and funds will be transferred to IPEd. An Editors Victoria branch will replace our society, which will close down. Our branch would reserve some of its funds for purposes to be determined by the branch.


IPEd Transition: a Staged Implementation

The working party tasked with the transition of IPEd towards a national direct membership organisation has decided, following consultation with members and an analysis of the work involved, to take a more gradual, staged approach to the transition, should direct membership be chosen in the October and November vote.

The initial stage will include essential elements that later stages will depend on. It will include a centralised membership system that will enable:

  • a national membership structure
  • event management and registration
  • a national freelance register
  • the membership list and functions enabling transmission of national and branch newsletters
  • efficient access to members-only information
  • the basis for setting up and handling finances.


The Monthly Q&A: Brenton Thomas

Brenton Thomas is a Ballarat-based freelance editor and proofreader, whose business is Fresh Eyes Australia. He came to editing after a 30-year career in state and local government. In his two years freelancing, Brenton has proofread a lifestyle magazine, edited and proofread a number of annual reports, edited some websites and provided editing assistance for two doctoral theses.

How has your month been?

I have been very busy over August and September working on five annual reports for councils and community service organisations. Three of those are complete whilst for two of them I will be checking the proofs when they are received from the designers.


IPEd Prize 2015

IPEd is pleased to be sponsoring the IPEd Prize 2015. The prize is $250 for an essay or paper written as part of a postgraduate degree in editing, publishing or another discipline with a focus on editing.

IPEd's sponsorship of the prize is to support and foster research in editing and publishing, which is part of its broader mission to enhance the profession of editing.

Entries must be submitted to the IPEd Secretary by email: secretary@iped-editor.org by Friday 4 December 2015.

Further information about the IPEd Prize and the IPEd Prize Entry form are available from the Awards page of the IPEd website.

Win the Chance to Edit a Novella

Viva La Novella is a competition run by publisher Seizure, which aims to promote and reward the work of an Australian author, and develop the career of an editor, who will get the opportunity to edit a short novel.

IPEd and the Society of Editors NSW are sponsoring Viva La Novella IV, which runs from August 2015 to August 2016.

The editor will be encouraged to get involved in every part of the process. They will be mentored and given the opportunity to be the publisher, project manager and editor.

Further information about Viva La Novella is available on the Seizure online website and editors can register their interest using the submission form. Applications close 31 October 2015.