IPEd Transition: a Staged Implementation

The working party tasked with the transition of IPEd towards a national direct membership organisation has decided, following consultation with members and an analysis of the work involved, to take a more gradual, staged approach to the transition, should direct membership be chosen in the October and November vote.

The initial stage will include essential elements that later stages will depend on. It will include a centralised membership system that will enable:

  • a national membership structure
  • event management and registration
  • a national freelance register
  • the membership list and functions enabling transmission of national and branch newsletters
  • efficient access to members-only information
  • the basis for setting up and handling finances.

The revised plan includes the appointment of contract staff for the first stage who will manage the membership and event system, accounting and banking, and executive officer duties. This will include managing first-stage functions as well as planning for further stages.

The new plan will result in an initial more modest fee increase for members than first proposed, with the needs and benefits of individual editors being a priority as they become direct members of IPEd. This will give an immediate, national voice to Australian editors in a profession where national organisations are the norm internationally.

The work undertaken by the working party to date includes planning for future services of IPEd, such as a national newsletter, national website, readily accessible professional development training and other benefits to individual members of a national organisation. Their implementation will be the business of the new IPEd and subject to approval by the individual members as required by the new constitution.