The IPEd Transition Plan Vote: What's Happening?

The important documents described below are about the upcoming vote by members of Editors Victoria on the IPEd Transition Plan. The Transition Plan votes by our members, and the members of the other societies, are to determine whether IPEd should make the transition to be a national, direct membership association representing Australian editors, with branches replacing the societies.

If it is approved by enough member societies of IPEd, including ours, then our members and funds will be transferred to IPEd. An Editors Victoria branch will replace our society, which will close down. Our branch would reserve some of its funds for purposes to be determined by the branch.

The voting members of the society, that is financial members, members (distant) and honorary life members, will receive on 1 October the documents detailed below. These are also available on the society's website. Also, there will be a discussion of the Transition Plan, with questions and answers, at the dinner meeting on 7 October. The results of our vote, together with those of the other member societies of IPEd, will affect all of us.

For your vote to be counted, it is important that your membership subscription is current on the date of the general meeting, 12 November.

While associate and student members do not have a vote, we encourage them to read the 'IPEd Transition Plan explained' document.

These are the documents that are being distributed to voting members, and are on the website for all members to read:

  • an Editors Victoria Transition Plan vote notice, including details about how and when to vote, and a notice of general meeting, specifying the special resolutions that members will vote on
  • a proxy vote form
  • the 'IPEd Transition Plan explained' document. That document is carefully structured so that readers need only read as much of the memorandum as they require. The initial section summarises the plan's features; more detail is in the following section.

All the best with your voting,

Jackey Coyle