IPEd Accreditation: Exam Date and Renewal

The IPEd Accreditation Board has announced that the next accreditation exam will be held on Saturday 25 June 2016. This will be an onscreen exam.

This is later than the April date we had previously been working towards but, on reviewing the schedule of things that needed to be done to minimise the risks associated with the new method of delivery, we felt it was safest to allow a little extra time. The IPEd Board apologises to members who may have already begun preparing for an earlier exam, but we hope you'll appreciate the extra time.

Registrations will open at the beginning of March, and IPEd exam preparation workshops will be held in March or April. These preparation workshops will include sessions where participants can brush up on their Word skills and practise using the onscreen format. Editors Victoria will also run a preparation session for members in the lead-up to the exam.

If you're a Mac user and thinking of taking the exam, we'd like to talk to you, as we're still working on the level of support we can provide to Mac users.

Please contact the Editors Victoria Accreditation Board representatives, Sandra Duncanson and Stephanie Heriot, at iped_accred@editorsvictoria.org for more information or to register your interest as a Mac user.

2011 Accreditations Due for Renewal in 2016

Next year, AEs who were accredited in 2011 will need to renew their accreditation. Please make sure that you are keeping track of the things you will need to document when the time comes to submit your application for renewal.

Check out the requirements on the Renewal of accreditation page on the IPEd website.

Ted Briggs
Chair, IPEd Accreditation Board