Introducing the New Comms Team

Your new communications team is looking forward to keeping the conversation going within and beyond Editors Victoria  - through the newsletter, Facebook page, Twitter account and the website. When they manage to meet up, they'll be:

Digital is where it's at and it's where Paul Bugeja has been at for the past five years - from content-managing sports opinion and marketing copy for Betfair Australia to working as an Online Digital Coordinator at Arts Centre Melbourne to steering the helm as editor of outspoken opinion site The Big Smoke, with a range of other work in between. He may not be a digital native but he's certainly emigrated from the land of print to the bold new frontier of digital and relishes working in this ever-evolving space.

Susan Pierotti AE established her writing and editing business, Creative Text Solutions, in 2012. She is the editor of the Australian Strings Association magazine, Stringendo, a biannual publication with an international readership. She works with small business on marketing content and writes articles and reviews. She has edited City Kid, the extensive memoirs of Lola Russell, a retired actor who lives in the oldest house in Melbourne's CBD.

Valentine Watkins has edited a range of industry magazines and digital publications since 2012. The most recent is a quarterly publication for an Australian not-for-profit dedicated to sustainable and minimally invasive engineering practices. Maintaining a keen interest in digital publishing, he has recently taken time out to complete his masters by research, which focuses on the publishing history of custom-illustrated books and how they resemble early forms of 'hypertext', at the University of Melbourne.

Ruth Fluhr is a freelance academic editor (RK Editing), who works on PhD theses, academic texts and articles. She lives in north-east Victoria but works anywhere. Ruth is engaged in local community and refugee projects. She enjoys bush living, short stays in Melbourne, piano, horses, growing things, cycling, swimming and more.

Margie Beilharz is an editor, writer and science communicator, who started freelancing last year at her business The Open Desk. She's been editing the Editors Victoria monthly newsletter for a year. Yes, that's a scary job but the copy she receives is excellent, and Cass Ball provides invaluable proofing! Margie works mostly for science and environmental organisations, and may once have woken a Nobel Laureate with a 7am phone call to arrange a radio interview.