The 2015-16 Editors Victoria Committee

We have a healthy mix of continuing and new representatives on the 2015-16 Editors Victoria committee.

The executive committee is:

Many of the portfolios share the work with a number of subcommittee members.

The subcommittees are:


Paul Bugeja (


Ruth Fluhr (


Sally Holdsworth (


Susan Pierotti (


Val Watkins (


Margie Beilharz (


Kate Cuthbert van der Veer  (


Sophie Dougall (


Carole Lander (

Freelance affairs:  

Mary-Jo O’Rourke  (


Anne Gugger (


Harriet Empey (


Maryna Mews (


Campbell Aitken (


Alexis Kelly (

Professional development:  

Davina Dadley-Moore (


Sharon Lierse (


Ron Thiele - Training (


Pam Firth - Training (

Editors Victoria also has some paid staff: