President's Report

As we cross to the other side of the spring equinox, a surge of energy has been unleashed.

Our country has a new leader with a new cabinet that better represents our national make-up, our values, and our place in both this world and this millennium.

Our society has a new committee, our largest ever, and this second quarter of the financial year will see us finally make one of our biggest decisions yet: whether to become a branch of a national editor body under the proposed direct membership model or not; as is, or modified.

As Australia's largest and oldest body of editors, our vote has enormous bearing on the outcome. In order to give a true representation of what we want, as many Editors Victoria members as possible must cast their vote. And your decision takes in many facets, from the future of editing as a profession in this country, to the effect on the workload of our committee, right down to whether the proposed services will justify the increase in your membership fees.

We have devoted this month's dinner meeting to turning this model over and inside out - taking out our jewellers loupe to examine these facets. Our goal is that you will leave with a pretty good idea of how you'll vote.

Wednesday 7 October Dinner Meeting

Our speakers include Janet Mackenzie, our first president, and two past presidents: Susan Keogh is unable to attend but we'll read a page summarising her views; Rosemary Noble is also Project Manager, IPEd Transition Working Party, and has played a key role in formulating the direct membership model.

Executive officers of our committee will each give a brief summary of how the model will affect their portfolio.

We're leaving a goodly chunk of time for your questions and you're invited to submit them ahead of time if you feel uncomfortable asking them in person.

We'll also have a book giveaway and meals at half-price. 

A special general meeting has been called on 12 November for in-person votes.

Our New Committee

Two weeks ago, looking down the table at 20 faces who attended our first committee meeting with the new line-up, our biggest committee yet, I could see the vitality in this pool of talent.

Read on for what they've got to report. And stay tuned for innovations and new initiatives, and to track the solid hard work that underpins our organisation, building on the foundations of those who've gone before.

We Are 45!

On 3 December we'll be glamming it up for our 45th anniversary celebration combined with a Christmas festivities. Our new events team is brainstorming as we speak. Mmm, what to wear?

Till next time,

Jackey Coyle