Redact #1: A Recipe for a Supercharged Business Cocktail

Take one highly energised business coach. Add six freelance editors. Pour them into a Hepburn Springs conference room and let infuse for two days. To serve, drizzle into several newly revitalised freelance businesses, and garnish with ongoing, sustainable success.

The Supercharge Your Business stream at Redact 2015 saw business coach Ilona Way working closely with several freelance editors. From the very start, Ilona impressed upon us that ‘YOU are your business!’

Presenter of the Supercharge Your Business stream Ilona Way (3rd from right)

L-R: Liz Steele, Jackey Coyle, Claire Duffy, presenter Ilona Way, Rosemary Purcell,  Astrid Judge (Credit: Liz Steele)

Over the next two days, we delved deep. We uncovered why we are in business, who our ideal client is, and how we can continue to attract freelance opportunities that both pay well and leave us (and our clients) feeling delighted with the outcomes.

Business health checks were performed. Examinations were conducted on our businesses and our goals. Perfect clients were dreamed up. Branding strategies were created. Finally, Ilona gave each of us an intense one-on-one consultation. Here, we had access to a sharp business mind focused on our individual goals and plans to make them a reality.

Our sincere thanks go out to Ilona and the Redact organisers. We look forward to seeing the effects in our businesses as we implement our action plans.

Carolyn Leslie

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