December 2015


For some people, especially for the Editors Victoria committee, 2015 has been about the vote on the direct membership model. Yes, we are heading to a national society, and Jackey Coyle reports on the vote and what that means to Editors Victoria in her president’s column.

For others, probably the majority of members, our editing life carries on as usual, with perhaps a holiday blip over Christmas and school holidays. That continuation is also reflected in this edition of the newsletter, with our regular updates and columns – such as the ever thought-provoking Dear Ed – plus a couple of special articles.


President’s Report

Welcome to our final newsletter for the year. And what a momentous year this has been – for most of 2015 our plans and ideas have hung in suspense, coloured by the uncertainty of the result of our vote on IPEd direct membership.

And now we know: 80% of votes is a definitive ‘yes’ – a decent margin above the 75% required to carry it.

Thank you to those who took the time to attend our special general meeting, whether to vote in person or to hear the result. We’d been pedalling so hard to get to the top of this hill that it was almost anticlimactic when the time came to make the announcement. Now that we were freewheeling down until tackling the next hill, I felt the mix of feelings that people shared with me later – sadness, excitement, relief, apprehension – when I delivered the result.


IPEd Vote: the Figures

The results of the vote on the IPEd direct membership model transition are in and the transition will go ahead for us – see the IPEd announcement for more details.

Our members voted approximately 80% in favour, with about one-third who were eligible to vote doing so. We'll keep you informed as the transition begins to gather speed for an end of financial year changeover.


Freelance Register: New Entries and Renewals for 2016

Applications are now open for the 2016 Freelance Register, Editors Victoria’s online listing of freelance editors (you can find it at The Register is used by a whole range of organisations and individuals to find editors.

Full members (but not associate or student members) are eligible for a listing, which costs $90 for one year.


The Monthly Q&A: Stephanie Holt

Stephanie Holt has been editing in various roles for over 25 years. For the past 14 years she’s combined freelance editing with teaching editing, currently with RMIT’s Professional Writing and Editing programs.

How has your month been?

This has been a hectic month!

As a teacher and program coordinator, for me this time of year is dominated by marking, getting students through their end-of-semester assignments, and trying to remember to celebrate our students’ achievements.

I find the close attention of copyediting and proofreading very soothing, and always try to sneak some into my teaching work, even at busy times. I spent a lovely weekend proofreading Visible Ink, the literary annual our students publish (tip: it’s a great edition!), getting a sneak preview of a fascinating array of creative writing and visual art. And I’m just finishing checks on first pages for Frayed, an anthology one of my classes has compiled, featuring work from 33 final-year students.


November Freelance Lunch

A record number of freelance editors – 32 to be exact – turned up to the November freelance lunch at The Fitz Café. Editors came from as far afield as Frankston, Geelong, Ballarat and Gippsland. There were a number of new Editors Victoria members, several members who were attending their first freelance lunch and a couple of guests too.

Many of us finally met in person some of the editors we had been conversing with in theSecret Editors' Business Facebook group. It was also an occasion to catch up with people we had met at Editors Victoria training sessions and events earlier in the year.


Call-out to Editors in North-east Victoria!

Are you an editor living in north-east Victoria looking for like-minded word nerds? Why not meet up with ‘EDNEV’ friends for a monthly lunch in the region? Come out of the scrub and share your editing journey – your ideas, frustrations and highs.

Contact Ruth Fluhr on 03 5790 8606 or

Digital Journalism: a New Storytelling

The Storyology 2015 conference saw leaders in the field spilling the beans on the who, why and what of digital journalism.

Emotional connection, community, engagement – three terms that struck me as the most powerful during this year's Storyology, which is run by the Walkley Foundation.

Some might argue these important parts of the fabric of humanity and storytelling are exactly what are being lost in the digital age.

To the contrary.


Book Review: 'Making a Point – The Pernickety Story of English Punctuation'

Making a Point cover

People often ask why grammar is so complex. The answer is simple: because we want to express complex thoughts. If all we wanted to say was ‘Me Tarzan. You Jane’, it wouldn’t be complex at all. 
David Crystal, Making a Point – The Pernickety Story of English Punctuation

For those unfamiliar with his work, David Crystal is considered a guru in English language circles. His use of plain language means this book is designed for word-lovers at all levels.


Reminder: IPEd Prize 2015 Entries Close This Week

The IPEd Prize 2015 is for a high quality essay written as part of a postgraduate degree in editing, publishing or a discipline with a focus on editing.

Entries for the prize close this Friday 4 December, so you still have time to enter.

Details about the prize, including an information sheet and an entry form, are available from the Awards page of the IPEd website.

Submit entries to the IPEd Secretary at