February 2016


As we look ahead to a future within IPEd, Editors Victoria is clearly in a strong position, with lots of activities and networking for Victorian editors. The activities are not only for the city editors, either: members are meeting regularly in Gippsland and a north-eastern Victorian group is seeking local editors interested in meet-ups. 

In this newsletter, we have details of the first training courses and dinner meetings for 2016, the approaching accreditation exam, an editing fellowship, Dear Ed, a call-out to join us on social media and more.


President’s Report

Happy February! We have just five more months as an independent society and there’s much to do as we begin the transition.

At our January committee meeting, though, it was obvious this hasn’t deterred our committee from making things better and better for our members, right across our portfolios.

With good reason. Even though we’ll be a branch from 1 July – with things such as finance centralised – we’ll still be here, fostering the local identity that has grown more powerful each day of our 45 years.

As more and more of us work freelance or as contractors, Editors Victoria becomes increasingly important in keeping us in touch with each other.


45th Anniversary and Christmas Celebrations

The third of December marked a momentous occasion for Editors Victoria – our 45th (sapphire) anniversary. With the IPEd vote result being in favour of amalgamation, it also marked the last anniversary celebration of Editors Victoria in its current incarnation. The events team combined the anniversary with our annual holiday party for one gala event.

This year's celebration strayed from our traditional trivia event to a semi-formal affair, with cocktails, entertainment and a look at the history of the society and of the editorial profession itself.

Emilie Zoey Baker

Emilie Zoey Baker's performance was a highlight of the evening. Photo: Kate Cuthbert


Janet Mackenzie: The Long View

This is Janet’s address to Editors Victoria on the 45th anniversary of the society.

I think I am the only founding member of the society who is still working and still engaged in the affairs of the profession. I guess that gives me a long perspective, and I am wheeled out occasionally to share it with you. I was asked to speak at the society’s 25th anniversary, and here we are again, 20 years on.

At the 25th, I sketched how much the world had changed since the society began. I can see that many of you couldn’t possibly remember what I said then, let alone life in 1970, so I will repeat some of my remarks about that world and the nature of editorial work.Janet Mackenzie

Janet Mackenzie speaks about 45 years of editing. Photo: Kate Cuthbert


Training Update: A Great Start to the Year With Three ‘Grammar for Editors’ Courses

Back in 2016: Glenys Osborne’s hugely popular introductory, intermediate and advanced grammar for editors courses! Choose the course or courses that are right for you and improve your professional skills for a strong start to 2016.

Grammar for Editors: Introductory (Saturday 27 February)

Do you know your adverbs from your prepositions?

Writing and copyediting consist largely of applying grammatical knowledge to problems of logic, expression and syntax. Yet many Australian writers and editors lack formal training in the grammatical aspect of their work, and so lack confidence in their decisions about words.


Join Editors Victoria and IPEd on Social Media

Hey, Eds,

How 'social' are you? How 'social media', we mean, of course! Prove to us how social you are by liking our Facebook page, checking in and sharing our posts each day, and following us on Twitter @EditorsVic to help us build our presence as an online community.

Paul Bugeja
Communication Officer

From IPEd: We’ve Joined LinkedIn and Want Writers

IPEd has joined LinkedIn, so please  follow us to stay up to date with our latest news.

Are you a blogger? Do you write thought-leadership articles on editing and related topics? If so, we would like to hear from you, as we may be interested in sharing them with IPEd followers on LinkedIn.

Email communication.iped@gmail.com and let us know they are available.


Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship Applications Now Open

The Beatrice Davis Editorial Fellowship is run by the Australian Publishers Association and sponsored by IPEd and the Australia Council, among others. This prestigious award has been offered since 1992 and provides a unique opportunity for a book editor to expand his or her knowledge and expertise.


The Monthly Q&A: Craig Munro

Craig Munro is an award-winning biographer and editor. He was the inaugural fiction editor, and later publishing manager, at the University of Queensland Press. He tells of his editing adventures, with many of Australia’s best writers, in his new memoir Under Cover (Scribe), reviewed here by Susan Pierotti.

What has been your biggest editing challenge to date, and why?

A decade ago I co-edited Paper Empires: A History of the Book in Australia 1946–2005 with Robyn Sheahan-Bright, and also wrote a couple of chapters. After assembling our draft manuscript, we realised it was 50,000 words over-length. As there were more than 60 contributors, one solution was to simply delete whole sections. Instead, I wielded my blue pencil through everything, reducing some contributions by up to 50 per cent. This took many weeks of patient editing to condense and tighten the text. The University of Queensland Press then conspired, along with their experienced editor Felicity McKenzie and freelance indexer Kerry Biram, to publish Paper Empires as both a beautiful, well-bound hardback and as a sewn-section paperback.


Review of Craig Munro’s Memoir ‘Under Cover’

All authors, famous or not, need editors. We can all name a famous modern Australian writer, but a famous editor?

At last, one emerges from anonymity. Under Cover: Adventures in the Art of Editing is Craig Munro’s riotous ride through the Australian publishing world of the twentieth century.

A love of literature and comics steered Munro towards a cadetship with the Brisbane Courier. He graduated from cub reporter to sub-editor; ‘the thrill of arranging other people’s stories, and impaling the rejected sheet of copy paper on my spike, became intoxicating.’ Soon after, he was offered a job at the University of Queensland Press (UQP), not realising that the literature he had just studied was what he would be soon helping to craft.


Accreditation Exam 25 June 2016

The next accreditation exam is scheduled for 25 June 2016 and for the first time candidates will complete the exam on-screen using Microsoft Word.

The structure of the exam will be the same as previous exams. However, candidates will be required to enter text on-screen, edit text using Track Changes and select answers from multiple-choice options or drop-down lists.