Accreditation Exam 25 June 2016

The next accreditation exam is scheduled for 25 June 2016 and for the first time candidates will complete the exam on-screen using Microsoft Word.

The structure of the exam will be the same as previous exams. However, candidates will be required to enter text on-screen, edit text using Track Changes and select answers from multiple-choice options or drop-down lists.

It will not be a test of candidates’ expertise in Word, and knowledge of advanced Word features is not required. However, as the exam is designed for editors with at least three years’ full-time editing experience or equivalent, it is expected that candidates will be comfortable using Word.

The exam will be held in an invigilated computer lab in each capital city and candidates will have access to technical support if required. The computer labs use PCs with Windows, but we hope to be able to make Macs available if needed.

Registration will open at the beginning of March and close at the end of May.

Preparation workshops, and the format they will take, will be determined by the societies. They will be held during March and April. IPEd is also planning to develop a webinar to give candidates an idea of what’s involved in the on-screen exam.

The sample exams in the on-screen format will be available on the IPEd website well before the exam preparation workshops, so potential candidates will have the opportunity to practise using the on-screen format. It is important, also, for potential candidates to complete at least one sample exam under exam conditions to check their timing and take note of skills they may need to brush up on.

If you have any queries about the exam or would like to use a Mac for the exam, please email Accreditation Board Chair Ted Briggs as soon as possible so the Board can get an idea of the demand and potential additional cost.

Email Ted Briggs: