Training Update: A Great Start to the Year With Three ‘Grammar for Editors’ Courses

Back in 2016: Glenys Osborne’s hugely popular introductory, intermediate and advanced grammar for editors courses! Choose the course or courses that are right for you and improve your professional skills for a strong start to 2016.

Grammar for Editors: Introductory (Saturday 27 February)

Do you know your adverbs from your prepositions?

Writing and copyediting consist largely of applying grammatical knowledge to problems of logic, expression and syntax. Yet many Australian writers and editors lack formal training in the grammatical aspect of their work, and so lack confidence in their decisions about words.

Knowing the parts of speech can give writers and editors an appreciation of the finer points of words and sentences. Even a basic understanding of grammar can make writers and editors faster, more effective and more consistent in what they do.

Grammar for Editors: Introductory is a one-day session for editors who want to develop a solid grounding in the essential aspects of grammar.

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Grammar for Editors: Intermediate (Saturday 12 March)

Do you have more grammar questions than answers? Do you want to add more value while cutting time on the texts you edit?

Grammar for Editors: Intermediate is a one-day session for editors who have some grammatical knowledge that perhaps needs refreshing or extending.

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Grammar for Editors: Advanced (Saturday 2 April)

Do you spend too long agonising over points of grammar or usage? Do you need to refine or extend your working knowledge of grammar and its application?

Grammar for Editors: Advanced is a one-day session that builds on participants' knowledge of intermediate grammar to explore the finer points of copyediting.

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Unsure which grammar course is right for you? Please email to be sent a short test that will help you make the correct choice.

Further information is available on the Editors Victoria website and you can register by logging into your member portal.