45th Anniversary and Christmas Celebrations

The third of December marked a momentous occasion for Editors Victoria – our 45th (sapphire) anniversary. With the IPEd vote result being in favour of amalgamation, it also marked the last anniversary celebration of Editors Victoria in its current incarnation. The events team combined the anniversary with our annual holiday party for one gala event.

This year's celebration strayed from our traditional trivia event to a semi-formal affair, with cocktails, entertainment and a look at the history of the society and of the editorial profession itself.

Emilie Zoey Baker

Emilie Zoey Baker's performance was a highlight of the evening. Photo: Kate Cuthbert

Attendees were greeted with the Exclamation Mark, a signature cocktail created for the evening (blue, of course!), and a small gift from the committee to commemorate the occasion. Janet Mackenzie, who edited her first book in 1969, and has seen the profession and association grow from inception to current incarnation, provided a humorous – and eye-opening! – description of what an editor looked like 45 years ago; their role, their training, their career (you can read Janet’s speech here). From readers with 'a flair' through to trained and accredited professionals, editors have certainly stretched and claimed their territory, though I would still argue a bit of flair is necessary.

The highlight of the evening, however, was performer Emilie Zoey Baker. Emilie is an award-winning slam poet and performer, and she enthralled the audience for half an hour with her recital. From funny poems about spooning to her epic 'Dear all the women who ever existed over the entire span of human history' which moved some attendees to tears, Emilie had us spellbound. For those interested in Emilie and her career, you can visit her website (emiliezoeybaker.com), which includes information about upcoming events.

It was a lovely evening; a great opportunity to mingle, connect, and celebrate. As Emilie said, ‘There's just something about being in a room where everyone knows how to use a semicolon’. Thanks to everyone who broke with tradition and made the event a success.

Steph Heriot, Ron Thiele and Davina Dadley-Moore

Steph Heriot, Ron Thiele and Davina Dadley-Moore at the celebration. Photo: Kate Cuthbert

Kate Cuthbert
Events Officer