March 2016


Welcome to our March newsletter.

In addition to our usual news and resources, this month we have some calls to action: Nick Hudson is keen to get your opinions on Microsoft Word’s grammar checker, and the article he has written about it (let the floodgates open); Paul Bugeja is after your suggestions for changes to the Editors Victoria and IPEd websites; a petition for funding for an updated Style Manual is open for signatures; and, if you’ve inadvertently dropped off the Freelance Register, get your renewal to our freelance affairs team.


President’s Report

With the nights growing longer and cooler, our year seems to quickly roll into the Easter break and the end of the first quarter.

White Night has come and gone, as has Blak & Bright, our first Victorian Indigenous Literary Festival (18–21 February), dubbed 'Blak Night' by Wheeler Centre Director Michael Williams. Blak & Bright featured publishing professionals from across the country in sessions that reflected the complexity of our relationships with our First Peoples. But the overarching feeling was one of strength, of self-determination, of an urge to begin a conversation.


Communication Team Report

On 10 February, the communication team got together for a coffee, chat and catch-up. We decided that it's full steam ahead with Editors Victoria's newsletter and social media activity as we move towards the IPEd transition. After that, obviously, there might be some changes to what we do and how we do it.

With this in mind, I have also put my hand up for the IPEd Systems and Records subcommittee, specifically looking at the rebranding of  the state society’s websites, and changes required to the IPEd website.

PLEASE shoot through any ideas, comments or suggestions about how the Victorian and IPEd websites might function best for you after the transition. We would love lots of feedback; you can email me at

Paul Bugeja
Communication Officer

Freelance Affairs: Lunch and Listings

Come and enjoy a relaxing lunch and afternoon chat at The Fitz Cafe, 347 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, at 12.30pm on Thursday 24 March. The Fitz Cafe is at the corner of Brunswick and Kerr streets in Fitzroy. Registrations through the member portal will open soon. The regular menu is online and vegan specials can be ordered if given notice.

For those who have been listed on the Freelance Register, if you didn't manage to renew your listing before the end of the year deadline, you will no longer be on the Register. But don't worry! You can still renew and add yourself back on the Freelance Register, which is a directory used by many people seeking editors of all varieties. And new listings are welcome, too. Full members of Editors Victoria are eligible and it only costs $90 per year (or pro rata for part of a year).

Mary-Jo O’Rourke
Freelance Affairs Officer

Editors Victoria February Dinner with Illustrator Judith Rossell

‘I had a lovely evening; it was great to meet so many editors. I’ve been lucky to work with some brilliant editors and they’ve made such a difference to my work.’
Judith Rossell

Guests at the February Editors Victoria dinner were treated to a wonderful evening with illustrator and author Judith Rossell.

 IMG 4839 crop

Judith Rossell with one of her illustrations. Photo: Nicole Mathers

Following an early career in science, Judith started out working in books as an illustrator and is now an award-winning author. Her latest book, Withering-by-Sea: A Stella Montgomery Intrigue, has garnered high praise from readers and many awards, including the 2015 Indie Awards – Book of the Year and the 2015 Book Industry Awards – Book of the Year for Older Children.


Just What is a Mentor, Anyway?

IPEd National Mentoring Program update

Here is a quote from our program’s Guidance Notes:

In the context of this program, we are talking about one aspect of professional development, namely mentoring. A mentor is in a two-way mutually beneficial relationship with a mentee. A mentor aims to help the mentee to develop personally, provides advice, shares experiences and wisdom, guides the mentee to make his or her own decisions, but never does work for the mentee. A coach is engaged to provide strategies and to help the coachee to learn and develop skills for a very specific goal. A teacher imparts knowledge and skills to a student and sees that the student does the practice to develop those skills and assesses the results of the teaching at all stages.


The Monthly Q&A: Susan Pierotti

Susan Pierotti is a freelance editor who has been working full-time for about three years. Her preferred editing work is with authors and their books, but she will happily edit anything that needs it. She has been known to stand on chairs in restaurants to rub out extraneous apostrophes on chalkboard menus.

How has your month been?

I have been working with some business people on producing their books. One is a novel for teenage girls. My friend, the author, was warned that I would be ruthless with her story. She is now rewriting it. (Yes, I left her in one piece.) I’m looking forward to the result. The other is a ‘what I didn’t know about being a sole trader before I started my own business’ book. I’ve just got the first notes and will be meeting with the author this week, who has warned me that it will be a long-term project.


Sign the Petition for an Updated ‘Style Manual’

Do you use the Style Manual as the authoritative source of Australian editing and style? Do you realise it’s now 14 years old and things have changed? Do you want an updated version?

If you have answered yes, please sign and share the online petition seeking government funding for a seventh edition.

Thanks to the many who have already signed.


Fish Creek, Corner Inlet and Chocolate Cake

If you’re ever exploring the lovely landscapes of South Gippsland, a visit to the Fish Creek Hotel is well worth adding to your itinerary. This was the venue for the latest gathering of the Gippsland editors. Anne, Jan, Sophie, Maree and Caitilin met there on a sunny Friday in February, where we enjoyed the friendly atmosphere, the wonderful art (including Anne’s fabulous ochre paintings), our usual engaging conversation and a pleasant meal.

(L-R) Anne Roussac-Hoyne, Sophie Dougall, Jan Miller, Caitilin Punshon and Maree Wallace enjoying afternoon tea on Anne's verandah. Photo: Sophie Dougall


EDNEV Update: Yea Meeting

Editors of north-east Victoria (EDNEV) invite you to join them at Marmalades in Yea at 11.30am on Friday 18 March for their inaugural lunch, a laugh and leisurely liaisons of a linguistic leaning.

Marmalades is at 20 High Street, Yea (ph. 5797 2999).

Please RSVP to Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606 or 0427 979 231 if you can make it.