May 2016


This month, we have important information on membership renewals in the light of our upcoming transition from a state society to a branch of IPEd. On this matter, IPEd also has an FAQ paper that you can download, with information on membership, fees, the freelance directory, professional development and more under the new arrangements.

Our IPEd accreditation reps, Sandra Duncanson and Steph Heriot, have information on accreditation renewal and useful resources for those doing the upcoming accreditation exam. If you are planning to tackle the exam, you may like to join the IPEd exam Facebook study group that has been set up by Victorian editor Louise Zedda-Sampson (it’s for members all over Australia).


President’s Report

Greetings from Nawlins!

The best thing about travelling in spring is the growth and sense of optimism. A week ago, New York City was filled with flowering blossom trees and mass displays of bulbs in flower. And the vagaries of Melbourne weather aren’t exclusive to us: two weeks ago it was snowing in New York but when we arrived the days were reaching 24 degrees Celsius and the city was filled with sunshine and reawakening gardens.


Cut-off Dates for Membership Applications and Subscription Renewals Pre-transition

The Editors Victoria committee will be very busy in June with the final preparations for the transition to becoming a branch of IPEd.

By 1 July, all active Editors Victoria members’ records will be provided to IPEd, so that these members will be members of IPEd from that date, with equivalent membership types.

Any Editors Victoria member who does not wish to become a member of IPEd should inform the secretary by email ( by 14 June at the latest. All members should know that Editors Victoria will cancel its registration as an association as soon as the transition process and related formalities are complete, and no membership transactions can be done after 30 June.


April Dinner Report: The Business of Editing

Dinner2 lores

Lena Smarrelli talks business at the April dinner. Credit: Nicole Mathers

Just over 30 members attended our April dinner meeting – the first since daylight savings time ended. It felt much later this month, so kudos to our members who arrived and left in the dark. In the lead-up to the end of the financial year, we welcomed Lena Smarrelli, the owner/director of A Counting House Melbourne. Lena has been providing practical business and tax advice for small business operators and professional freelancers for over 15 years. Along with her extensive experience, she brought along a very useful handout, and went through the basics of what being a freelancer/small business actually means, and how it can affect your tax return.


Upcoming Events: Dinners, Lunches and Training Courses

We’ve got a whole range of meetings and training courses planned for the rest of the year, so here are the dates to note in your diary. Our dinner meetings are held at CQ Melbourne, freelance lunches at The Fitz Cafe, and training courses at the CAE in Flinders Lane.

Saturday 14 May – Training
Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor – Basic with Jackey Coyle.
Book on the member portal.

Tuesday 24 May – Freelance Lunch
Come and enjoy a relaxing lunch and afternoon chat at The Fitz Cafe, 347 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, at 12.30pm. The Fitz Cafe is at the corner of Brunswick and Kerr streets in Fitzroy. Register through the member portal. The regular menu is online and vegan specials can be ordered if given notice.


EDNEV (Editors of North-east Victoria) Update

EDNEV finally conducted an impromptu launch in March, with lunch for two at the MannaFest Cafe in Yea (Yay!!). Grasping the moment was the right decision, as our May meeting promises to have a membership increase of at least 100%!

So, if you are an editor living in north-east Victoria and looking for like-minded word nerds, would you like to meet up with EDNEV friends for a bimonthly (every two months) lunch in the region? Come out of the scrub and share your editing journey – your ideas, frustrations and highs.


IPEd Accreditation Exam

The next IPEd accreditation exam will be held on 25 June this year. Editors planning to sit the exam are reminded that the cut-off for early-bird registrations is Saturday 7 May, and that registrations close on Friday 27 May. Register here.

With over 40 people attending our accreditation briefing and over 25 potential candidates attending Susan Keogh’s preparation workshop, there are certainly a lot of Victorian editors gearing up for this year’s exam.

We strongly urge all candidates to study the Guide for Candidates closely. As with previous years’ hard-copy exams, technique and timing are important parts of the test and this guide steps you through each part of the exam’s timing and structure in detail.


IPEd Exam Facebook Study Group

An independent group to share exam resources has been set up on Facebook by Victorian editor Louise Zedda-Sampson. Secret Editors IPEd Study Group is open to all current financial members of all state editors' societies.

The group provides an opportunity for people who are sitting the exam, or just considering it, to raise questions, share resources and make contact with other candidates. The group also has a Dropbox of shared resources. Louise will verify that you are a current state society member based on your membership of the Secret Editors’ Business group. (Membership of Secret Editors’ Business is vetted by state societies.)


Accreditation Renewal

Accredited Editors who received their accreditation in 2011 will soon receive their renewal notification email from the Chair of the Accreditation Board, Edwin Briggs. Applications and payments for renewal may be submitted any time from 30 April 2016 but no later than 31 August 2016. Details of the renewal process, including fees and requirements, are on the IPEd website.

If you became an AE in 2011 but do not receive your renewal notification, please contact us.

Sandra Duncanson and Steph Heriot
Victorian IPEd Accreditation Board Representatives

The Monthly Q&A: Paul Bugeja and Sally Holdsworth

This is a double-handed Q&A from two of our communication committee members; one is working in the industry and the other is hoping to enter!

Paul Bugeja is an editor, content manager and digital disruptor working both as a freelancer and for Arts Centre Melbourne. Sally Holdsworth is a student in RMIT’s Associate Degree in Professional Writing and Editing; she combines study with freelance and contract work.

How has your month been?

Paul: Great! A little hectic as I’m on the move living-wise, so juggling that around work and study is fun. I have just started working for Channel 9 on Hot Seat Millionaire in the Question department as a verifier (read: editor/researcher), #bestgeekjobever, which I’m loving. Also been head down to knock off an assignment on contempt and defamation for my Media Law and Ethics class as part of my MA Publishing and Communications at the University of Melbourne.

Sally: I’m studying part-time and right now there are assessments falling due, so most students are juggling many balls! One of the units I’m really enjoying is Advanced Editing: we are currently working on a collaborative project with RMIT’s photography students, who are each creating a photo book on their chosen subject. Editing students are each paired with a photography student to work on the writing and editing aspects of the books. There are some incredibly interesting people and topics being addressed photographically. While the photos have the starring role, the task of the editor is to ensure that the small number of carefully selected words complement the images and add impact to the photo story. For the editing students, it’s a real-time opportunity to work on copyediting, structural editing and proofreading. We’re all looking forward to seeing the finished books.