May 2016

Tohby Riddle’s visual book of grammar: book review

Front coverI opened this book with mixed feelings. I read a few pages then paused. A picture book on grammar? Is it a children’s book, or is it for adults? The concept of using images to explain language rules was intriguing. But, for adults?

I was confused. I almost sent it back with the suggestion a teacher should review it. After all, it’s for kids. Then I set the book aside for a while. When I picked it up again, I realised I’d been wrong.

This book is for everyone.


Visible Ink Seeks Emerging Writers and Artists

VisibleInkStudents of the RMIT Professional Writing and Editing Associate Degree invite emerging writers and artists to submit original unpublished work for their upcoming Visible Ink Anthology.

This year the theme is Pushing Boundaries. They are seeking submissions of fiction, poetry, flash fiction, narrative non-fiction, interviews, visual art and photography. The deadline is 25 July 2016.

Visible Ink pays contributors and there is an entrance fee of $7 for each submission.

For more information, visit:


Typo of the Month

I'm not hungry anymore

ZTypo crapdip

Dear Ed

Dire Ed,

I found this in a bunch of references I was editing. Is it sinister?

L.I. Bell, & B. Head (Eds.), State economy and public policy in Australia.

Does it actually mean someone wants to libel and behead us?


Murray Bridge