September 2016


We are right in the middle of the Melbourne Writers Festival, an event that excites the interest of many an editor (and has already added to my reading list). Editors Victoria got involved this year as a sponsor, as Jackey Coyle and Sally Holdsworth report in this newsletter.

Editors Victoria member Jane Fitzpatrick was first to respond to our challenge last month, so received two free tickets to the festival in return for what should be the pleasant task of reviewing Salt Creek by Lucy Treloar for next month’s newsletter. A few more keen followers of Editors Victoria on Facebook have also scored free tickets; we'll have reports on the sessions they attended in next month’s newsletter.


President’s Report

As we move into spring, and the end of our first quarter as a branch of IPEd, we’re all still wriggling to find a fit in the new system; and the committee is working to implement the changes that our new status requires. You will have noticed the differences in your membership fees, and full members will be pleased that freelance register entries now cost significantly less. I also like the bonus of the online subscription to the Chicago Manual of Style – one of my very favourite references (we’ll get the access details for that soon).

In August we sponsored a masterclass session as part of the Melbourne Writers Festival. This was a fantastic alignment for us – part of the Industry Insights stream, it was run by the notable US editor John Freeman. By all accounts it was a fantastic session, too – look for Sally Holdsworth’s review later in this newsletter.


Editors Victoria Inc. 2016 Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting of Editors Victoria Inc. (the association, not the IPEd branch) will be held on Tuesday 20 September, 6.30pm for 7.00pm, at the CQ Centre, 113 Queen St (cnr Lt Collins St), Melbourne.

As usual, this meeting will be free for financial members, but you must register if you wish to attend, to provide numbers for catering.

At the meeting, officeholders’ reports for the year will be presented, including the financial statements for the year. There will also be votes on resolutions about the association and its committee. These will be detailed in the AGM notice that you will have received by email this morning (Thursday 1 September).


John Freeman: Editing Class with the Master

One of the hottest tickets so far in the Melbourne Writers Festival was the Masterclass in Editing with renowned editor John Freeman. Fresh from the Christchurch Writers and Readers Festival, John had his first Melbourne audience hanging on his every word.

Over three fleeting hours, John shared his early experiences as an editor and his thoughts on writing and editing. John has worked with many illustrious writers, both new and established – including Peter Carey and Helen Garner – and his insights were gold. Rather than focusing on the technicalities of editing, he shared his thoughts on the simple truth and primary role of an editor: to help the writer be most essentially themselves. This involves building a productive relationship with the writer by listening carefully; understanding the different needs and communication styles of writers; and understanding the type of person and writer they are.


Training Update: Five More Courses in 2016

With five courses to go on the 2016 Editors Victoria training calendar, there's still time to update your skills across a variety of topics. This month, Glenys Osborne's popular Punctuation for Editors course returns and in October Jackey Coyle is taking her dance steps course to the next level with Advanced Dance Steps for the Self-Employed Editor. In November, Hilary Cadman presents two PerfectIt webinars and Lan Wang overviews the publication workflow in her course From Word to InDesign


Mentoring Update

Please welcome our new mentoring coordinator for Victoria, Louise Zedda-Sampson, who started in the role in August.

Louise can be contacted at

IPEd National Mentoring Program

Moving Forward

Mission accomplished … for now! IPEd and its branches across Australia (except the ACT) became a fact on 1 July. In one important way, we are all still together: the IPEd National Mentoring Program remains ‘national’ in that the Canberra Society of Editors (CSE) is included, in the same way as any other editing organisation in Australia would be included if they wished to be. From the start, we have accepted mentors and mentees into the program so long as they are members of ‘an editing society’ – we have never specified where that should be. So we have welcomed people into our program from all over Australia and from the UK, South Africa and Belgium, with interest also from editors in other parts of the world. We see no reason to back down from that stance, and, indeed, we look forward to furthering the collaboration across boundaries that the program has already fostered.


Editors of North-East Victoria (EDNEV)

EDNEV is a small group of lively editors based in various locations in north-east Victoria. We work across a range of editing disciplines and our meetings every second month are always a lively affair, with plenty of good ideas for making our lives as freelance editors a little easier. New members are welcome and, while we presently meet in Yea, we are open to travelling to other locations, depending on the group consensus.

The next meeting of EDNEV will be on Wednesday 19 October at MannaFest Cafe, Yea, at 12pm. For further information, ring Ruth Fluhr on 5790 8606.



AustNatDictThis week’s launch of the second edition of the Australian National Dictionary proved too tempting. In our punctilious search for the acme of enigmatic etymological exemplars, we just couldn’t walk past the plethora of newly ratified words that ‘illustrates what it means, in words, to be Australian’.

Oh dear!

So here is a list of our favourites*:

babycino: a coffee for babies (or parents who feel they should have babies that drink coffee)

battered sav: extruded matter, resembling meat, dipped in flour and drowned in fat – enjoy

migaloo: a white person, or that white whale – or maybe both

Mrs Kafoops: for people who forget women’s names – your grandmother might have used this


Typo of the Month

I’m not sure if this is a typo or intended. Either way, it’s gorgeous. Photographed by Lan Wang in her neighbourhood shops.

Souls mended

Dear Ed

dearedDear Ed,

How can I find work–life balance as a freelancer?