January 2017


We start the year full of plans and activities, with members’ responses to both the training and communication surveys stimulating ideas and new directions for 2017. The events team have also got 2017 planned – beginning with a dinner meeting on 15 February with commissioning editor and writer Angela Meyer as our guest. Freelance lunches are also getting underway, with the first on Wednesday 1 February.

On the professional front, the Victorian Auditor-General’s Office is looking for expressions of interest from Accredited Editors for casual work in preparing reports for the Victorian Parliament. Details are in this newsletter. We also update news on the 2017 IPEd National Editor’s Conference, Advancing Our Profession.


Message from the President

Happy new year! I hope you’ve had an invigorating break. And that you’re looking forward to a happy, healthy and wealthy 2017.

At the time of writing, we’re just about to hold our first committee meeting for the year, with the full committee discussing how we’ll go forward into this first full calendar year as a branch of a national organisation.

Our wonderful subcommittees have been working to continue bringing you better services in our events, freelance, budget, training and communications portfolios, which will be complemented by the national membership, finance and marketing efforts.


15 February Dinner Meeting: Commissioning, Genre Worlds and Non-traditional Paths to Publishing

Angela Meyer refuses to be confined to one aspect of the literary world – writer, reviewer, festival chair, interviewer, consultant – and she brings all of her experience to her emerging role as commissioning editor of Echo (Bonnier Publishing Australia). In conversation with Kate Cuthbert, Editors Victoria Events Officer and Commissioning Editor for Harlequin Australia, Angela will discuss the popularity of genre fiction, non-traditional paths to publishing roles, the changing face of the writer/editor and exactly what time management skills she uses to live up to her bio.

Please log in to your IPEd member portal to book.

And our remaining dinner meetings for the year are already planned.


Freelance Lunch: Wednesday 1 February

All freelancers, emerging and established, are welcome to an excellent networking lunch. We have the new IPEd Editors Directory, the upcoming conference in September and many other issues to chat about. The Fitz serves good coffee and drinks, and meals are delicious, hearty and reasonably priced from $17 upwards; all dietary requirements are happily catered for (particular requirements can be arranged in advance). Please plan to bring CASH to settle your bill at the table.


Membership Matters

We are pleased to welcome the members who have joined since our last report.


Anita Pisch
Julie Richards
Jacalyn Tennant


Responses to Our Communications Survey

Over 80 members kindly replied to our October communications survey. The wide range of responses led us to some simple decisions around digital communications for Editors Victoria.

Key findings and conclusions include:

  • Our communication and social media activity need to consider our dual audiences – our editor members (and potential members) and those looking for editors.
  • We need to keep our communications (particularly the website and social media) fresh and active.
  • Not all our members use digital communication tools, particularly social media.
  • We should, as far as possible, minimise duplication of content across channels.


Advancing Our Profession: Conference Update and the Rosie Award

The conference secretariat recently sent out this update. Keep thinking about possible talks and workshops, and start planning your travel to Brisbane for the 8th IPEd National Editors Conference, 13–15 September 2017.

EOI Submission Date Extended

Don’t worry if you haven’t yet put in your submission to present a paper, run a workshop or participate in a panel discussion at the conference in September: the submission date has just been extended to Sunday 26 February 2017. There’s still time to come up with some brilliant ideas for advancing our profession! Go to the conference website to download the template.


Training: Full Steam Ahead for 2017

As a result of the training program review we conducted late last year, there will be some changes to the Editors Victoria training program for 2017.

Our Purpose

It appears that why Editors Victoria conducts a training program has never been put in writing. Our new statement of purpose is:

'Editors Victoria provides professional development for editors to fill gaps in the skills they need to be an editor and to refresh their existing skills. Professional development helps editors improve their employability, their freelance businesses,  their efficiency and the quality of the services they provide.'


Etymology: Stork

deriving from the Greek for 'true' (eteos/etymos) and 'word' (logos)

Curious about the origin of a word or term? Send it to us and we shall go forth and investigate.

stork with baby silhouetteWe all know that storks bring babies, at least in myth. But why did that belief arise? 

A common suggestion is that the return of these migratory birds to Europe in spring coincided with the peak birth months for the local people. But linguist David Crystal reports another suggestion – an etymological one – in The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language.

So let's look at the word stork.

Storc in Old English came from the same Proto-Germanic source as Storch in German and storah in Old High German. In German the word meant 'stick', probably because the birds stand so straight and tall. But the word was also used to describe other things that stand erect, including 'the male appendage (des Mannes Storch)'. So, the whole storks and babies story could simply be a double entendre!

Margie Beilharz

How Much Does an Editor Cost?

How much does an editor cost? It depends on what sort of editing a client is wanting, how big the job is, whether there is special formatting, whether the editing is on-screen or on paper and if English is not the author’s mother tongue – all these factors affect how long the job will take, and therefore the cost.

Also, if a client has a very short deadline and the editor will be working nights and/or weekends to get a job done (and possibly push back other clients), there may be an extra ‘rush’ charge to compensate.